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What to do when you have a burnout?

We are humans and we tend to overthink, think about our problems, regret, forget, work a lot and etc. And it's self-evident that we also have emotions. They can cause anxiety, depression, burnout and so on. No matter how much I love my job and what I do, recently I have experienced burnout. At first, I thought "what happened to me? I do not energize from my English lessons with students as I used to be, I do not make lesson plans for my students and started to go with the flow and hope for the best. What should I do? Maybe, I do not enjoy tutoring anymore".

What do I suggest?
  1. Seek support

  2. Admit it

  3. Have some rest

  4. Do exercises

  5. Set yourself a deadline

When I and my best friend were going to sleep one day, we had a deep conversation about relationships, maturing, and our problems. At one point, I said to her: "You know, it seems to me that I almost had a burnout". Once I said this to her and said that I do not enjoy my occupation anymore, she suggested taking a week off from my lessons with students.

To focus on me, myself, my quality time with my surroundings because I was busy the whole week Monday to Friday was booked and I could not hang out with my friends if they asked me out spontaneously.

Then she said to me that I should admit that I am experiencing burnout. Once I admitted it, I realized that I should stay honest with myself, in the other case, I would continue to lie to myself.

I then set myself a deadline that 1 week I will try to enjoy my free time and enjoy my life without work.

I visited my yoga classes twice a week, had a zoom call with my health coach, had some quality time with my friends, walked a lot, cried a lot, cooked my first ever chicken soup (it was delicious!), met with my friends and achieved a main goal of the week which was arranging a meeting between my university and the online platform ICC about a collaboration and I did it!

I am writing this blog post on Sunday, the last day of my week off and I can say for sure that I did not regret how I spent this time. After all, my mental health is more important than my income.

Alongside my story, I have used and combined all of these 5 tips and they helped me a lot! Now, I am missing my students and can not wait to get back to my work after a week off!

How I spent my week:

If these tips didn't help you at all you may want to seek help from a professional coach, psychologist or from a relatable video from reliable sources on youtube. Personally, I recommend watching the youtube channel of Mel Robbins.


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