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Top 3 relationship tips when you quarrel with your significant other

When you have an argument with most emotions and feelings, you may say something unpleasant to your partner. Even after resolving the issue, you may feel uncomfortable about the words that you have said. We tend to be rude, and selfish with each other and some couples even break up because of it.

So, what should you do in order to have a wholesome relationship with your significant other and not lose respect for each other?

1. Resolve a big fight by giving space

As I mentioned above, under the influence of anger, you may say some inconvenient, unpleasant words, and voice a list of complaints about your partner. and you may remember all of the bad cases and situations when you were not content with your significant other.

Instead of letting your emotions overtake you, try to give space to yourself and your partner as well; in order to calm down a bit and get back to the conversation with cold-minded thinking. By that point, you can avoid unwanted words that you or your partner could have said. You can set yourself a deadline that, for example, for 30 minutes you will let all of your feelings out, you will resent him/her, be mad alone and then, after 30 minutes, you will feel at least a bit better and then, you can continue having a conversation with your significant other.

2. Admit your mistakes

I have seen many couples fight because they could not admit their mistakes or face the truth of what their partner was explaining.

If you do not admit your mistake, your partner for sure will continue to quarrel with you because you have not come to terms with what you are doing incorrectly. Most of all, do not lie to your partner. You want to protect yourself, and your point of view, but by that, you will only cause more trouble in the relationship.

On a personal account, I once texted a message to my boyfriend when I was not in the happiest mood and I immediately deleted it because I changed my mind. However, my boyfriend had seen this message and I explained that it is not me who have texted this with a clean state of mind. In the end, I admitted my mistake and we buried the hatchets, but if I couldn't have done that, the situation could be crucial. picture credit

3. Be honest

If you are mad or not content about a situation or actions or anything your partner may have said do not hesitate to speak.

Most importantly, you should speak with an optimistic intention, without judgement and with the right intention of course. Remember that people can not read your mind. You should learn to speak out about what really bothers and warns you in your relationship. Try to find an appropriate moment when both of you feel good, cosy, in a good mood and say in a positive form "You know, maybe you forgot about this situation, but I remember it. Maybe we could do something to find the best solution for this", or If you feel lack of attention, you can say "Baby, I know that you have been working a lot and I really appreciate it. What do you think, when we can go out on a date?" or something like this. If you keep ignoring your desire to speak out, trust me, it will be getting worse.

I have collected some tips for you from my personal experience so let me know in the comments your feedback on this theme!


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