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Top 3 games for cats

If you have a cat and you want to add something creative to their daily life routine; in terms of keeping them active, here are 3 games that you can play with them.

Recently, when I moved to a new apartment, I got a cat with my boyfriend. I was afraid of him in the beginning and then when I got used to him and he got used to us, his new owners and his new apartment. I felt like I need to know more about cats because I have never had a pet until this very day. I also found out info about their nutrition, lifestyle, demeanour and some entertaining games for cats as well.

1. Cat alone 2

Want to have some quality time? In that case, you can download this app and put your device in front of your cat. With the help of this app, your cat can catch mice, feathers, dandelions, spiders, fish, and bugs. It is enough just to touch them slightly. In addition, there is vibration support and a realistic soundtrack.

Download here (google play market)

or here (app store)

2. Mouse for cats

This is similar to cat alone 2, but this option comes with larger mice in various colours. In case small-sized mice shapes are difficult, you can entertain your cat or kitten with this game.

Download here (google play market)

or here (app store)

3. Youtube videos

If you don't have the storage to download an app or do not want to, you can simply use Youtube and search for: "Cat games". You can find out various videos for your cat: catching fish, catching mice, catching lizard, laser chaser and even cat TV! For sure, your cat will not be bored at least for some time when you are busy.

Wish you the best and I hope that this post was wholesome for you and your pet!


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