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How to Fall in Love with Reading

The following blog post might be useful if you are looking for some motivation to read or rekindle your passion for reading. Here are some general tips on how to get into the routine of reading and fall in love with it.

Try new genres

When I started actively reading, I realized that I was afraid to get bored in the process and not return to this hobby for a long time. That is why I got rid of all prejudices and started reading different genres. After the classics, I read science fiction, after the psychology, I read drama. And my interest was increasing with each book.

Start small.

In the beginning, don't pick a thick long book, so it does not seem endless to you, and set yourself a rule to read at least 10 pages a day. Even if it is difficult for you to get used to the process, the number of pages will decrease, and a sense of completeness will motivate you to take up a new book.

Put aside books that you are not interested in.

It is worth admitting that reading can be difficult. Every now and then I want to count the pages to the end of the chapter, and my thoughts are moving further and further away from the plot. But it is normal! My recommendation is to master the first hundred pages. Reading a book is like getting to know a new company, and in order to join it, you need to learn more about each character, and then your communication will get better. But sometimes, you may not feel connected at all, then you need to close the book, even if it is included in the top classics that everyone "should" read! You should not force yourself to read, it can completely discourage the desire to even try to take on a new author.

Choose a book by intuition.

Personally, I do not prefer reading reviews and detailed content about the book, because I want to give the author an opportunity to surprise me. My favourite way is to stumble upon a quote and then read the work. The fewer expectations you have, the greater the chance not to be disappointed. Try to trust your inner voice - wandering between the bookshelves, you may find your favourite piece of work!

Feel free to enjoy any specific genre.

If you are a fan of fantasy with unrealistic landscapes and amazing creatures, it is cool that you have found what you like. More important is that by reading any literature that appeals to you, you force your brain to work and get a portion of dopamine. This means that you feel happier than if you forced yourself to pore over books from the classic list of recommendations.


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