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Top 5 gift ideas for your mother

With mothers day around the corner you may be puzzled in finding the perfect gift for your mother. Or you may simply looking for a birthday gift. In this post I will mention 5 different gift ideas you can gift your mother.

1. Letter

Do you remember when you would write handmade postcards and letters for your mum in school/kindergarten? What was her reaction? Imagine, what kind of reaction she will have if you give her an upgraded version of your postcard/letter as a grownup? You can write a couple of appreciation letters, memories from your childhood or moments where she supported and helped you and that you are so grateful for. Another idea can be writing how her advice has helped you succeed in life. Imagine the happiness she will feel.

An additional idea could be to buy a keepsake book with a 12-fold-and-mail-style letters that will help you write letters systematically and orderly

2. Clothes

When I was wondering about what should I gift my mom on New Years 2 years ago, I realised that my mom didn't have any blouses to wear. Of course, she had some basic clothes, but she needed an extra casual one that she could wear to either work, an outing or an event. So, I decided to buy her blue blouse whilst keeping an eye out on her taste, and guess what? She wears this blouse everywhere and absolutely adores it.

Some questions to make things easier:

"What does your mom usually wear at home?

What kind of clothes does she have less of?

What type of clothes/materials has she always wanted?

What is her favourite clothing store?"

3. Album

It may be old-fashioned, but as time goes by and considering storage of our smartphones, an album with pictures full of energy and a happy atmosphere, is a great option! If you want to be more creative, you can write details like date and the event details on the back. This album will be treasured by your whole family and family to come.

4. Think about your previous gifts

Have you given a gift before she liked?

For the recent New Years I asked my mom what she wanted as she asked me too. She told me that she wanted a step-by step painting labelled with numbers and she sent me a link with the exact painting she wanted. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and when I was wondering about what to give to her, I came to a realisation I DO KNOW what she wants and it is this very painting. So I went to the shop and I chose another painting that was larger and a bit harder.

Update: I gave my mother that gift and she liked it!

5. Think about what she has mentioned before

Maybe, during a conversation with her she has mentioned that she needs something or what she wants to do/own in the future. You can jot this down in your notes and it would be the perfect surprise. Listening to her and her wishes will definitely make her love the gift all the more.

Have a great day and I hope that at least one of my gift ideas was wholesome and helpful for you!


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