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Top 5 gifts for International Women's Day!

International Women's Day is another reason to please your mother, sister, girlfriend, colleague. This is a day we women, have a unique ambience and feel powerful and loved.

If you were wondering what kind of gift you can give on this occasion, I have a few ideas for you!

1) A voucher/pass to the SPA

This is a way to prove to a girl of any age that she deserves luxurious rest and relaxation. In my point of view, it is something that we, girls, do not want to spend our money on and we actually become elated when somebody gives us that kind of gift! I suggest you search for the top spa salons in your city. Who knows, maybe you will be able to get a double booking; and you can hop along to the opportunity.
2) Skincare cosmetics

A girls form of self-love and self-care if through skincare. It is important that cosmetics are of a good girl'sGirlsbrand and hypoallergenic. Of course, there are a lot of alternatives; if you do not know anything about products she likes or her skincare type, you can gift scrubs, body lotion, hair mask that are recommended by experts.

3) Stylish diary

All girls have an interest in aesthetically pleasing items. If you know a girl boss or businesswoman, someone who has a unique personality and loves to explore, create, plan, manage her time, write notes, insights etc then a minimalistic diary or notepad would be a great choice!

Here are a few examples of cute aesthetic diaries:

4) Flowers

Flowers are a big symbol of love. It may sound clique, but tulips are the symbol of spring and a perfect option for a gift. Expressing love for your significant other through flowers is the most romantic thing you can do. Another alternative is giving house plants, as they last longer and are great decor around the house.

MUST HAVE: Check allergic to flowers.

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5) Dinner at a restaurant or at home

Every small detail about a date is worth remembering for a loved one. Think outside of the box: maybe the person you are going to congratulate would love to try a new cuisine or maybe she mentioned her favourite restaurant or has mentioned about what kind of dish she would love to try, it can be anything! You can even organize a rooftop dinner with candles to have the perfect romantic atmosphere. Or it could be at home, buying groceries and making a surprise for your favourite human or making it together creating a warm ambience!

Do not forget that you can make a good gift through any amount of budget. The main thing is emotional presence and attention. Especially if the recipient's love language is gifting!

Happy Woman's Day!


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