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Fashion Knows No Age: Influencers Over 50

We often hear that youth is a time for experimentation and self-expression, and past the age of 50 it is questionable to wear something above the ankle. However, these stylish influencers destroy any misconceptions that women beyond a certain age are no longer fashionistas. They express through their fashion and style that expressing yourself through the way you dress even in your later years makes life fun and happier.

These women radiate confidence with every post whilst demonstrating a unique personal style that they have perfected over the years. There is an atmosphere of uniqueness and authenticity in their accounts, which is so attractive. The number of likes and following trends is not an issue for them.

Below are 5 influential fashion bloggers who prove that age is just a number and not a hindrance to style. Ageing should be perceived with grace, confidence, and a killer outfit.


Mette's profile is a place where you can go for inspiration to create a playful image. At first glance, you notice the combination of bright and random styles. The mischievous spirit of Copenhagen, with its flea markets, vintage shops, and unexpected colour solutions is prevalent.


"An ageless style icon" is exactly how Vogue described Grace. Initially, her blog started out as a new hobby but it grew into an influential account and gained her collaborations with giants like Farfetch, Hermès, and Sephora. All thanks to the unique ability to combine current trends and timeless fashion.


Yasmin's wardrobe is bursting with intricate silhouettes and massive shoes. Her style does not go unnoticed because she masterfully pieces together eclectic combinations of prints and sizes. You could describe her style as a little unusual and bizarre. Yasmin is very experimental; making an unpredictable move every time — she will wear a voluminous skirt with neon pink sneakers, then pair it with an apron with a belt over flared trousers.


The style of Spanish Suzy is not subjected to the current passage of time and fashion. She is an advocate of classics and denies the high fit of trousers. She often prefers white, which advantageously emphasises her year-round tan. I love her for her resistance to the current influence of trends and endurance in wearing heels daily.


Each of Pilar’s outfits is styled as if she is being watched by a swarm of paparazzi and pursued by crowds of fans. (Although, she does have a generous amount of fans.) Thanks to her aristocratic taste, she creates elegant images in which the emphasis is on a mix of textures and scatters of saturated shades.


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