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The cutest place to get yourself some stunning necklaces with unique designs celebrating Middle Eastern and African culture; a small Uk business called KIRO.

KIRO was started by a young female; Ranim who describes her journey through the following.

"I started in my bedroom mainly because I couldn’t find Egyptian jewellery that I liked or that suited my style. And what I could find was crazily overpriced; on urban outfitters or a random website. Cultural jewellery just wasn’t being appreciated how it should be so I thought if you want something done good, do it yourself. So I started with an Egypt map and a few others and quickly found that a lot of people were facing the same issue and craved representation and so I did the country map line and the Egyptian collection with it.

It is empowering to know not only did a woman of colour start this successful business, but it is unique designs being made with brand new ideas; with many business design ideas being repetitive or copied nowadays, KIRO is a brand new addition. There is a collection called the map necklaces where you are able to purchase any country layout from the Middle East to South Asia and it is carefully crafted with real gold or stainless steel. What better way is there to show off your identity?

As a Muslim girl myself, it feels amazing to see other Muslim women achieving their best and gaining success. Their website includes the most beautiful inclusive models and chances for you to win free giveaways and special offers. It's also worldwide shipping! a win for my international girls too!

I can't wait to order some cute nose rings and personalised jewellery and you too should go check out their alluring designs.

Ranim also mentions "I owe most of my success to TikTok and staying consistent on that app; as it helped me grow my customer base and I’m honestly so grateful it’s all worked out".

I hope nothing but success to KIRO and thank Ranim for letting me use her work. Like Mentioned above please do follow KIRO's TikTok account and engage with them to and follow them below on their social media accounts.


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