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Korean skincare has really taken charge and upped their game. Many online businesses are opening just to resell Korean products due to the mass demand in different countries. Here are some of the most effective products I use and see a genuine difference with.

Number 1 is the CORSX Snail Mucin essence.

As someone who suffered from acne from a small age, I completely broke down my skin barrier by using hundreds of harsh products and not understanding what was best for my skin type. I assure you this product is for all skin types and is effective in repairing the skin barrier leaving it smooth shiny and healthy. Additional quality is that it helps acne scarring too!

As you can see from the picture on the left I have nearly finished this bottle and on my next!

Number 2 is The Etude house Sunprise sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be a vital part of everyone's lives, it protects our skin immensely and saves it from developing skin cancer. If you don't add sunscreen into your routine please do! This sunscreen leaves no white cast for me. (As a brown girl this is great!). It feels very lightweight and makes my skin look hydrated.

Number 3 is another sunscreen; Heimish Artless Glow Base SPF.

This is a fab primer as well as SPF in one, a total win-win situation. It feels so smooth on my skin and is so effective when I wear it before make-up; fewer layers when sunscreen and primer are combined together!

Number 4 is the CORSX Low-PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.

You are looking at one of the best cleansers to ever exist, this low PH cleanser soothes the skin and doesn't irritate in any form. This is definitely perfect for those who are trying to build a good skin barrier and refine skin texture.

Number 5 is the Rice cream from 'I'm from.

This cream is an absolute wonder! It took me several trials and errors to find the perfect moisturiser. My skin acts up to the point where sometimes I may be too oily and sometimes my skin dries out after moisturiser. This product is not only rich in consistency but feels smooth on the skin and provides the perfect amount of hydration. I use very little and still manage to moisturise properly.

Number 6 is the HADA LABO Gokujyun oil cleanser.

Although I have just started to use this cleanser it has been very soft to my skin and no irritation has been caused. It is essential to have a two-step cleansing process and no this does not dry out your skin. So your first cleanser should be oil-based so my choice is the one on the left HADA LABO Gokujyun, it is affordable and from a fantastic brand. Your second cleanser should be water-based so my preference is product number 4; the COSRX good morning cleanser.

Number 7 is COSRX acne pimple patches.

I recommend this product to all my fellow humans who suffer from acne. This product is a lifesaver. They are hydrocolloid patches and they need to be applied on your spots correctly so you cannot put it on a fresh new growing spot it has to be close to breaking/ you should be able to tell by the puss on the surface. Leave it for a couple of hours preferably overnight and make sure to only cleanser and tone under the surface with no excess products or else it won't be as effective. And voila by the morning you have a sorted spot in its healing stage.

I have a couple of websites I revisit when I buy my products they are the following;

I have seen prices increase due to the demand for products and also differentiate site-to-site so my current go-to is Skin cupid and their staff is always online so it's great!

I will link the products down below; Thank you for reading my blog!

Here are the links below for the products:

CORSX Snail mucin essence-

Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen

Heimish Artless Glow Base

CORSX Low PH GoodMorning Cleanser

Rice cream I'm from

COSRX acne pimple patches


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