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Interconnect cafe; the networking platform for young adults.

Take a short read on the Interconnectcafe networking platform. The platform we hope can change the world. With our motto; we believe that our local thoughts can lead to a global impact!

Interconnectcafe was created by its founder, Ayesha Joshi and associates, for the sole reason of being a means of a platform where young adults aged 16-19 years old can connect and build friendships over borders and countries. Various cultures, religions and traditions are shared, making others more knowledgable and understanding of other beliefs.

We host weekly networking sessions, (currently every Thursday), within these sessions we come together and connect with our topic of the week. The topic of the week is usually given as a speech by an influential being who is trying to make a difference in the world.

It feels gratifying to know we grow each session and understand the problems our world is facing and how it affects all of us or what we do to help or ways we can encourage others. It certainly boosts your conversational and confidence skills; join along if this is something you're looking to improve.

We hope the platform we are slowly building up with our friends from across the world continues successfully and aim for the goal that one day we have a representative from each country!

If you are interested to make friends, discuss worldwide issues, improve some skills and learn about others, please visit our website for more information and sign up to join our weekly networking sessions.


Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog post belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the organisation, blog owner and/or management. The blog owner and management take no responsibility for the material's authenticity and/or accuracy.

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