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Johnny Depp Deserves Better

Let's discuss gender inequality when it comes to abuse in the Hollywood industry. Amber Heard FALSELY brought Johnny Depp down to ashes when she mentioned she was a victim of domestic abuse In The Washington Post in 2018. It was unclear whether this was true or not at the time, did people try to even look for the truth. No.

As a Depp-head, it angers me that without finalising this news Johnny Depp was removed from his most iconic role as Captian Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the same year Depp filed his first lawsuit against Heard.

Thereafter in 2018, Depp lost his lawsuit; suing the publishers of the newspaper; The Sun after they had called him a "wife-beater" in one of their exaggerated conflict-filled articles. Depp was then asked to drop his role in the next blockbuster Fantastic beasts 3.

Many of Depps' former partners stood up and said he was not abusive towards them, many of his co-stars helped him and gave their word that Depp was in fact a good man. Did anyone do the same for Heard? Nope.

Police in fact released a statement where the alleged phone call of Heard being abused by Depp was a hoax. In fact, recordings were then later released where Heard is saying the following' Heard replied: "I can't promise you I won't get physical again. God, I f---ing sometimes get so mad I lose it."( " the Insider).

(taken from The Guardian.)

Now that it was clear with picture proof of Heard cutting Depp's pinky finger and verbal abuse on recording, where was the same treatment with Heard? why was she not getting dropped and exiled from Hollywood society? How was this fair to Johnny Depp who had to live with these allegations for years, and get called all these lies? Why was Heard still getting cast for Aquaman 2? DROP HER, give the same energy to her as society did to Depp. It's ironic how Amber Heard's legal team dropped her a couple of months before the court date.

Society is embarrassing when it comes to issues like this how will this make men feel any more comfortable to come forward?

I hope Depp recovers from the trauma of this long gruelling case and hope Heard is sued accordingly; within their ongoing trial, where Johnny Depp won a rare chance to find out whether the $7Million in divorce settlement was given to a charity as Heard claims.


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