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A Concealer Review

Concealers are very important in the makeup game. It takes lots of time to find a concealer your skin and skin shade agrees with. Here are some of the concealers I have used and I have included two colour correctors towards the bottom too.

1) NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer.

Shade Neutral buff


Starting off with the first concealer, I purchased this NYX product myself following the recommendation of Kaushal beauty; as our skin tones are very similar.

I did not really dwell on the 'contour' use part, as this was one of the first products I brought when I was just starting out makeup; I did not do contour or use it to highlight any features. (only for my undereye area)

Overall the product coverage is really well and is very suited for yellow undertones. If you don't set the concealer well it turns into a creased mess so a setting powder is a must!

It stays on pretty much the full day and for its reasonable price, this is a hidden gem!

2) Maybelline Instant anti-age eraser concealer

Shade 07- sand and 06- neutraliser


I am not sure why I used this product for so long when it didn't go well with my undertones at all but it was all part of my learning makeup process.

This Maybelline concealer is not the best for yellow undertones like mine; warm undertones would be perfect for this product. So when I use this product underneath my eyes it looks very ashy and grey and not brightened at all.

It does give a good amount of coverage and is top tier for highlighting!

The puff placed at the top of the product has been described as

unhygienic and I have seen people on TikTok give ideas to remove the puff and sort of poor out its contents. But to be honest I kept mine on and hoped for the best.

3) Elf 16hr camo concealer

Shade: Medium beige and walnut


Again with this product not sure why I tried out another shade when it was a big no-no. The consistency of this concealer is very thick so the coverage is good but feels heavy on the skin. The crease lines and overall look after I apply the concealer is not appealing.

I would definitely say it's not the best choice for yellow undertones and is most suited to neutral and warm undertones.

Due to the walnut shade being on the darker side it gave me a very ashy grey look and the medium sand colour made my under eyes look very pink; this didn't go well with my foundation so my whole face would look very conflicted.

The product also dries up really quickly; not hydrating in the slightest which makes the under-eye creases show up quicker than expected.

This concealer is at the bottom of my list for achieving a flawless finish look; as even after I have set my concealer with my go-to Huda beauty setting powder, the concealer sort of drifts away and I am never left with an airbrushed look.

4) Maybelline fit me! concealer

Shade: 30


At first, I was hesitant to buy another Maybelline product as the anti-age concealer didn't work the best with me, but the range of colours instantly told me it would suit my yellow undertones.

The coverage isn't as great so I do have to use a lot of the product. The concealer stays on my face very well for nearly the whole day and is very affordable; making it my current go-to.

5) No7 Match made concealer

Shade: Honey/11


This concealer was a big impulse buy as I saw it on sale around Black Friday time. Although I was told the concealer goes well with yellow undertones; it doesn't. I should have done more research, as the target consumers should be warm undertones.

The coverage is very light and did not suit my skin tone well.

The lesson of the day; do not buy something because it is cheap and on sale unless you are really going to use it.

6) MUA pro base prime conceal cream.

Shades peach and green.


I bought these cheap colour correctors as I was tired of my eye circles affecting the overall look of my concealer and also concealing the darkness around my mouth.

The green corrector should conceal out redness, however, I haven't seen the product make much difference.

The peach corrector I used was under my eyes and around my mouth. I never thought a product would work so well! It stays really well underneath my eyes and prepares for concealer properly; definitely a secret grail!

7) L.A Girl HD pro concealer

Orange colour corrector

Lots of brown girls used this product and it helps conceal their eye bags a lot. But I have to emphasise that it works well with darker skin tones as when I applied this product it was far too bright for my skin tone and the strong orange pigment was still visible underneath my concealer. I looked like I had orange eyebags underneath my concealer.

I would not rate this product as it did not go according to my skin and shade for me to make a judgement out of it.


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