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My favourite small businesses

Small businesses have taken a rise over the last couple of years. People have taken on the courage of being their own boss and have reached goals and aspirations that were not comprehendible a decade ago. Regarding small businesses one has to be understanding of higher prices since there's more workload on the owner; I have seen some businesses reselling mass products from either Ali express and shein for a staggering higher price and that's unfortunate as it stains the name of small business that are trying to achieve big goals and showcase their talent.

Here are three of my favourite small businesses.

The baking__corner on Instagram

This Instagram account based in Blackburn, England sells the best-baked goods; from lamingtons to different cakesicles and brownies. I order their brownies every 2-3 months and enjoy them equally every single time! Not only are they super affordable but you get your money's worth! The owner is also lovely to chat with about any concerns. If your looking to send a friend any baked goods this is your place. This business is also halal-friendly a win for all my Muslims!

I brought a pack of 12 brownies, shipping included for £13.58.

Scents by Sisters UK

My friend Sara surprised me with a wax melt gift set and it was the sweetest thing ever! Included was a ceramic burner with 3 wax snap bars of choice and 2 tealights. The scent was so strong it would last for weeks; this appealed to me a lot as lots of candles and wax melts lose their scent within a week. My favourite has got to be warming cashmere; it really sets a peaceful mood in the rainy, cold British weather. I have now purchased these wax melts for others as well as myself and 100% recommend them to anyone who has a candle wax obsession.

I brought 3 wax snap bars for £10. More sets with ceramic burners are on the website.

Skin Cupid

My favourite k-beauty and j-beauty skincare website. Truthfully this is the only website I found that did not raise the prices of their products once seeing the demand in the UK. Melody who owns the business is always online and ready to help; she gives lots of insightful information on skin types and what products would be most suited.

If you are into skincare or need a sense of direction this business will be a great start for you with additional help and guides on the website. They also give handwritten thank you notes which I find so cute.

I wrote previous skincare blogs and included lots of their products have a look down below.

Free UK shipping for orders over £30.

Sagal Jama Skin

I came across this business on TikTok and it was promoting organic ingredients which can be made into facemasks. As a Somalian business I had to buy from them; they have the best skin ever so I had to learn their secrets! I ordered their Qasil facemask and I am not exaggerating when I say I saw my skin brighten and look so alive after the first use it was amazing! Qasil is a leaf used in its raw form after being crushed into a powder and found in East Africa. It has now become my main exfoliator.

I brought the 10G Qasil facemask for £6.50 (without shipping included) on the Black Friday sale.


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