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Managing your periods.

Handling your monthly periods is a task you have to be prepared for. Every single woman deals with their period differently. Here are some tips to help you get through your monthly cycle like a pro.

My first tip would be to always keep your dates in check; so you know when you are due next to come on. It makes it much easier to track it with a calendar; this helps you buy tampons and pads, change bedsheets etc in advance too.

The app I currently use is called Flo and it's so convenient and easy to work with!

Below is a basic run-through of the app overall.

Once noting down your period dates, it expertly figures out your cycle days and gives you reminding updates up till your cycle.

The app also keeps up to date with any types of symptoms you may be experiencing and explains what may be the cause or if additional support is needed. I found this very important as women who have endometriosis often overlook their pain and class it as a regular period when in fact they need medical attention or medication etc.

There's a whole blog section within the app that covers lots of feminine questions one might be curious about like bloating when on period etc. It also goes through guides of different alternatives to pads and tampons and subjects that are related to periods and feminine hygiene etc. I found this very helpful as advice and blogs are written by people in the appropriate field and there is lots to learn for all girls and women.

If you haven't already got a good period tracker I suggest you do so, not only is it free it helps you prepare for your period beforehand and comes with lots of other benefits.

My second tip: Within the first 2 days of my period I get really bad cramps in my lower back and thighs especially towards the middle of the night. I used to spend sleepless nights when I didn't want to take lots of medication. I found this tutorial on youtube; yoga for menstrual cramps and it has completely changed my period pain life. I am not exaggerating, I do these yoga exercises the first 3 days of my periods and I sleep in pure bliss. I don't take medication like paracetamol or ibuprofen anymore as the yoga exercises are so effective!

Shout out to GLAMRS for the tutorial!

Third tip: Drink herbal teas! It helps soothe your body and mind and keeps you calm and collected. I never really thought that herbal tea had an effect on me, I just drank it because so did everyone else. When I'm on my period I try to avoid junk food and coffee and most importantly dairy and I replace this with herbal tea. There has been no specific research linking a specific type of tea and helping menstrual cramps, however, a lot of women and myself included have seen a difference in mood and bloating when drinking herbal tea. Ginger tea, green tea, thyme tea, and oolong tea are your go-to; raspberry leaf tea has also been proven to help period cramps. I drink green tea and chamomile tea my whole cycle and not only does this keep my mind calm and collected it also helps soothe my cramps. Do drink according to what makes you feel better and ask for additional medical help if need be.

Fourth tip: Wear comfortable pads especially when going to work or university or anywhere where you don't have control over quickly changing. I wear pad nappies; and it might sound silly but I feel very secure and it makes me feel stable. I don't feel constant panic thinking if I might have had an accident.

Above were a couple of tips I use to get through my monthly periods. I hoped it helped and you should definitely implement some in your own routine. I wish you ease and comfort in your monthly cycles.


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