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My scent logbook

Having a favourite scent and perfume changes constantly with preferences and age. I brought whatever perfumes I could afford with a minimum budget. Having others compliment your scent is when you've known you've reached your goal of gaining a good perfume. Here is a short compilation of perfumes I have used which has a range of different budgets and scents.

1) Rihanna Rouge

This is one of the first-ever perfumes I remember buying. It stuck with me for a couple of years. Finding this in a drugstore shop ( Superdrugs), I felt like it would be a regular basic scent and it would probably wear off after a couple of hours, but this special grail would stick on me for days. It's super affordable and smells like a rich flower.

2) Versace Gold

My sister brought me this perfume in my final year of college. The scent on a scale of 1-10 would be 7 it can be a bit strong but it stays on me for hours and it smells like old money. If you like soft floral scents this one may not be for you.

3) Superdurgs layering Lab exotic

Most affordable on my list; is the drugstore made exotic scent. Such a helpful carry on in your bags and the whole selection are made very distinct and unique. It is also a floral fairy-like selection that always gets me compliments.

The exotic pink bottle smells like a fresh flower garden and is my favourite followed by the fresh smell of gelato.

4) Ariana Grande; Cloud

If you have TikTok you would know that the cloud perfume is one of the most budget-friendly recommended scents. I managed to get my hands on the last bottle after searching endlessly for weeks and I was not disappointed. This floral fruity scent has a nice clean long-lasting effect and smells really fresh and clean. The duration of how long it stays on me can be questioned as it wears off much faster than other perfumes.

5) Sol de Janeiro, Brazilian crush

This is more of a tropical scent that smells so fresh and comforting its perfect for everyday wear and it really has a unique touch to it; I don't think I can even compare it to another scent. The scent stays on very well and has been complimented and recommended by many TikTok reviews.

You can buy this perfume on TikTok shops with great offers!



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