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Here are some tips I will share below that I think can build up one's fashion and make everyone look astonishing without having a big account.

At first let's discuss what the word style means and what it means to look fashionable in front of people.

Style - is how you present yourself as a unique person with your own taste and preferences. The entertaining thing here is that in order to look fashionable, you need a few basic things rather than correctly combine them with the rest of the details and further make your appearance harmonious.

1. White shirt

In my humble opinion, a white shirt is one of the most necessary elements in every girl's wardrobe, and that's because it's very convenient to have a white shirt to pair with trousers to wear to school, work, or lounging somewhere additionally with a skirt and sundress.

Likewise, it is considered as a long term purchase due to the quality texture of the white shirt.

On the Internet you can find some information on how to style a white shirt beautifully in 2022 and so on, however i strongly believe that another way to style a white shirt is to wear a corset over the shirt, especially a black one, to make it look more elegant.

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2. Jeans

Jeans are the basis of everyone's wardrobe. First and foremost, they are much more comfortable than skirts or dresses.

Secondly, jeans do not restrict movement, which makes it clear to every individual to purchase this type of clothing and pay special attention to quality. You should have the most popular styles of jeans in your wardrobe as - boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans and mom jeans.

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A few tips on choosing jeans and what to look for when buying.

In order for the body image silhouette to look harmonious, it is necessary to balance the top and bottom This can be done with the assist of jeans such as (boyfriend, mom and straight jeans) You can also “enlarge” the hips with the help of colour - the bottom should be lighter than the top. Avoid (skinny and high rises).

It is also vital to mention that jeans should be bought only your size and no less. You must know and remember that jeans should fit you, your silhouette, not you) And finally, pay attention to the pockets, as they need to be wider to shape your figure.

-If the legs are shorter than the body

Well, here's the first thing you can do is pair the top ot t-shirt with high-rise jeans. Second, remove hooded jeans from your list, such as: banana and others.

-If the legs are longer than the body

Perhaps, there are girls who consider this a disadvantage, however on the contrary, it should be an advantage if you know, of course, how to find the right jeans. Almost any model will fit here, but the landing should be medium or slightly low.

-Low rise (below 160 cm)

For this type, you will need to exclude types of jeans like 'boyfriend or straight' models, as they will visually shorten the height and look disproportionately.

According to the latest polls, Levis and Zara have been voted as most popular for best jeans catering to teenagers.

3. T-shirts

It is believed that white, black and beige T-shirts are the most functional. Inasmuch as, they can be combined with anything. Firstly, white shirts can be combined with jeans and no matter what colour you choose, because any colour of jeans will match your t-shirts.

Even when buying T-shirts, you should always look at the style and the quality. I personally believe that high-quality bulky T-shirts are perfect as they can be worn for several years without having to purchase new ones.

I usually buy my t-shirts from here have a look and see if you find any you look.

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These were my three main pieces of advice that I hope you find helpful. Girls try to spend money wisely and think about the future. I believe that you will successfully be able to create your own style.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog post belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the organization, blog owner and/or management. The blog owner and management take no responsibility for the material's authenticity and/or accuracy.

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