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Top 5 books to read on a cosy night

Reading a book always helps to distract from what's going on in your real life and can be a great hobby for self-development. In order not to spend much time looking for a good book and elaborate on what to read according to the reviews, I have collected the top 5 quick-reads for you to read on a cosy night.

1) Little women, Louisa May Alcott

Summary: A sincere and touching novel about the childhood and youth of four sisters. The Civil War began in America, the head of the March family was deployed to the frontlines, and all the household chores fell on the shoulders of his wife and daughters. The eldest of the sisters, sixteen-year-old Margaret is a feminine and romantic beauty with a caring manner. Joe is a real tomboy in a skirt, she is fifteen and she climbs trees, runs races with friends, skates, and maybe even fights. Thirteen-year-old Bess is a shy and timid girl with a kind heart, a real angel and a favourite of the whole family. The youngest twelve - positive and negative qualities are closely intertwined in Amy and are in a very fragile balance. The sisters are so different and unique. But they report the impact on their ability to work, the severity of their sorrows and joys. They dream of the future, and they look forward to growing up.

"Little Women is an excellent, easy-to-read book that has delighted generations of readers. It's the classic Civil War-era story of four very different, but very creative, sisters on their home front with their endearing mother, anticipating their father's homecoming from the War."

2. Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter And How To Make The Most Of Them Now, Meg Jay

Summary: Some say the time between your twenties and thirties is your second youth. Others say it's the beginning of your adulthood. Dr Mag Jay, a clinical psychologist, claims that this is the most important decade in a person's life; in terms of the development of important areas of life: work, love, physical and intellectual development. The book is based on a decade of work with hundreds of students and clients, combining current scientific research and real stories of those who have entered the third decade.

"Before reading THE DEFINING DECADE I didn't know enough about the importance of our twenties to be concerned that I could mess it all up. Now that I do, I could worry myself into paralysis, or, as Meg Jay suggests, grab life by the helm--even if I still have no idea in hell where I'm going. without a doubt, The Defining Decade will leave you eager to embark on what I now see can be the most exciting odyssey of one's life."

3. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

Summary: Based in Victorian England. After eight years in a boarding school for poor girls, an orphan Jane Eyre gets a job as a governess in Thornfield - the fiefdom of Edward Fairfax Rochester. The owner of the estate rarely visits his native land, and in his absence, Jane must look after the eight-year-old Adele Varens, the pupil of an aristocrat. And then one day Rochester returns. Thus begins one of the most famous romantic stories in European literature and world cinema...

Book cover from labirint

4. Ali and Nino, Kurban Said

Summary: "Ali and Nino" is a novel by Kurban Said, the novel is about the love between the Azerbaijani Muslim Ali Khan Shirvanshir and the Georgian Christian Nino Kipiani. The action in the novel takes place in the Caucasus and Iran against the backdrop of the events of the First World War.

5. The Richest Man in Babylon, George S.Clason

Summary: This book is one of the best financial literature in investing and financial success; where such complex issues are described in the form of a compelling narrative.

Have a nice day & enjoy reading!


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