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True-Crime Podcasts You've Been Sleeping On!

True-Crime Podcasts have been getting a lot of attention in recent times as the concept of podcasts and the genre of True Crime has been emerging. Listeners love listening to True Crime and indulging in a podcast binge as they are at the edge of their seats listening to the story unravel in real-time. These are some podcasts I've been hooked onto!

Rotten Mango ( By-Stephanie Soo & Ramble )

Rotten Mango is a True-Crime Podcast that was started earlier in the lockdown of 2020 by a well-known YouTuber Stephanie Soo. The podcast features Stephanie narrating true crime incidents from all over the world to her fiancée and to you. Rotten Mango quickly became a people favourite as this podcast does a deep dive into the darkest crimes and the psychology of the killer. The podcast Features lesser-known cases from all around the world without holding out on any gruesome details. After every episode, Stephanie uploads her source notes and research material that helped her dig deeper into the case. Welcome to Rotten Mango! Things get rotten here but with a seasoning of sweetness and comedy.

Spotify Rating - 5.0⭐️

Apple Podcasts Rating - 4.8⭐️

Crime Junkie ( By Ashley Flowers & Brit Prawat )

Crime Junkie is all things crime! It was started by Ashely and Brit back in 2017 and since then has remained at the top of the charts with over 500 million downloads. Crime junkie releases a new episode every Monday and covers a case Ashely has been obsessing over that week, which includes both well-known and lesser-known cases. While listening to an episode of Crime Junkie it makes you feel like you are around two best friends obsessing over true crime. Crime junkie episodes are straightforward and conversational which makes it easy for the listeners to follow.

Spotify Rating - 4.8⭐️

Apple Podcasts Rating - 4.8⭐️

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast ( By Alaina Urquhart & Ashleigh Kelley )

This podcast is run by two best friends Alaina and Ashleigh one who's a hairstylist and one who's an autopsy technician. Morbid is a true-crime podcast that covers some of the most compelling, mysterious and unexplainable cases. The podcast itself not only includes cases about serial killers but also mysterious deaths, myths, creepy history, and haunted places.

Spotify Rating - 4.9⭐️

Apple Podcasts Rating - 4.6⭐️

The Desi Crime Podcast ( By Aryaan Misra & Aishwarya Singh )

The world of True-Crime Podcasts often tends to cover criminal cases that are happening or that have happened in western countries. The Desi Crime Podcast specifically covers crimes happening in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, countries that are often not talked about. The podcast covers gory, sinister, and compelling crime cases and also include interviews with the victims' families, someone the victim knew, or someone who had seen the crime unfold. Aishwarya and Aryaan are college students that share a profound interest in true crime and believe that crime is not black or white but can be brown too! -

Spotify Rating - 4.9⭐️

Apple Podcasts Rating - 4.6⭐️

Morning Cup Of Murder ( By Korina Biemesderfer )

Morning Cup of Murder is the perfect podcast to start the day with or listen to when you have a 10-minute break. This podcast doesn't follow a typical release schedule but instead releases episodes every day. Every single episode's crime occurred on the exact same date that the episode was released. If you are curious about what murder took place on today's date in true crime history, then this is the podcast for you!

Apple Podcasts-

Spotify Rating - 4.8⭐️

Apple Podcasts Rating - 4.7⭐️

Hoping you also obsessively fall in love with these True-Crime Podcasts and indulge yourself in the vast world of mystery, crime & investigation. We believe in True-Crime Supremacy


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