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Top 7 ideas for presents for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is coming in a weeks time! I am sure that you want to feel loved and share the love with your beloved ones on this special day. In this post, I will go through 7 gift ideas for your significant other!

1. Spotify glass artwork

Spotify glass artwork is a wonderful and memorable gift for your partner. You can add any favourite photo of yours and add a song that you have created memories with. Such a gift will remain for a long time and capture anyone's heart!

2. Sweet valentine's day wishes and messages

Every person appreciates soulful gifts. So why not write love messages; words of appreciation to your significant other? I am sure that he/her would be very elated to receive a present of this kind!

3. X number of reasons why I love you

You can cut the paper and write down x number of reasons why you love your significant other. It may sound trite, but imagine how surprised and joyful your partner would be!

4. Photo collage

Making a photo collage is always a good idea! You can print all of your shared pictures and cut the background and make a collage on paper/notebook or go into the app “Dazz cam”, choose the section “collage”, select photos and have a magnificent collage that you can print and put on a frame!

Here is an inspirational idea of a photo collage you can make taken from Pinterest.

5. The happy jar

Not all of us have 365 happy days in a year, right? So, we suggest you make up the happy jar for your beloved one. And if you live together, it’s even better, because you can use your jar too. So, what you should do is write some notes, quotations, thoughts that will make your other smile. You can also think outside of the box and print the picture of your kids, your personal pictures from certain days, you could write some kind of jokes, collect whatever makes you/your partner happy and fill in the jar!

6. Make a list of things that you will do together

Of course, sometimes you run out of ideas where you guys should go out, what to do and it’s easy to get cycled in a constant routine. So, in order to prevent that, try to make a list of things that you guys should do together each month. It may be trying something new, doing some sports, some kind of old things that you stopped doing because of the fact that you don’t have free time. That list will make you closer and you can do something in common more frequently.

This idea was found on Pinterest.

7. Gifts for all 5 senses

So, the idea of this gift is all about being creative. For “touch” you can put on a frame with your pictures, give your T-shirt or hoodie, something tangible. For “taste” you can make a box of his/her favourite sweets, meal. For “smell” you can purchase a cologne, candle, or a new book. For “sight” you can put tickets to the cinema, theatre or museum. For “sound” you can buy tickets to a concert of your beloved one’s favourite group/singer or give her guitar/ukulele or sing her/ him their favourite song. You can print all of the words and wrap the presents!

I hope that this post was informative for you and you will spend time with your significant other in harmony and in a favourable atmosphere!


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