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Hi queens, I brought these products a couple of months ago and have been itching to write this blog to review them. As usual, the majority of the products are Korean/Japenese as my skin can only tolerate low ph and low acid products. I will explain each product and what its use is and whether it fulfilled its purpose. My skin type is 'combination', meaning I have both dry skin alongside oily t-zone areas. I have light brown skin; I have included this bit of information in so you can understand if certain products left white cast or not and compare it to your own skin.

I have also changed the shops and online businesses where I buy my products. In previous blogs, I mention buying from @likeskin and @skincupid, however, I now mainly purchase from @Skinsider as they consistently have sales and have student discounts too despite being a small business and this is very helpful for my not-so-rich self. My absolute favourite thing about them is they use eco-friendly packaging and I love that!

Delivery costs are also a concern when online skincare shopping, many places offer free shipping over £80, with Skinsider a £25 order will get you a tracked free delivery.

(The purposes and descriptions of products will be taken from the websites I have purchased from, which I will link by the product).

Just like skincare routines start off with cleansers I will review them first too:

Beauty of Joseon radiance cleansing balm

Price: £17.00 original, I purchased this for £13.60 with 15% off.


Purpose: For all skin types, this cleansing balm should gently melt away makeup, dirt, and excess oil without irritating or drying out the skin.

My review: Although the product may be paraben, sulfate and silicone free, it is the worst cleansing balm I have used. I consistently used this product to take off my makeup; each time hoping my opinion might change, unfortunately, it leaves residue on the skin and does not do a good job removing eye makeup at all. It takes rather long to wipe off this product fully from my face and it dries out my skin.

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Medicated Acne Cleanser

Price: £12.00

Size: 120g/118ml

Purpose: Designed for acne-prone problematic skin it helps uneven skin tone and acne from re-emerging with one of its main ingredients being salicylic acid.

My review: I should perhaps have not brought this product as my acne had cleared up pretty well by this stage with the use of medication. Overall this product had a very strong scent which made it hard to use. The consistency was thick, a pea-sized amount was the perfect amount to use, making it cost-friendly. It does cleanse the skin well, but the salicylic acid within the product dries out my skin a lot, so I stopped using it after a couple of uses.


Price: £19.00, but purchased for around £10-12 in sale.

Size: 400ml

Purpose: Everyday use on sensitive skin to remove makeup and dirt without stripping the skin.

My review: This product lives up to the fact it does not strip the skin, and the price is very fair for the amount of product. However, it does not take off makeup effectively at all; my mascara, eyeliner and lipliner will not budge with this, making this a waste of money.

Even after using the product in three different intervals, I still found makeup on my skin.


Price: £16.50, I brought this for £14-16

Size: 74ml

Purpose: Oil-based formula which melts away makeup and does not strip the skin of any oils.

My review: The BEST cleansing balm to exist on earth. Although it may be costly, it melts away any type of stubborn makeup and impurity on the skin, this right here is a life changer! I would recommend this to anyone starting off their skincare journey, you will not be let down!.

LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner

Price: £26.00

Size: 150ml

Purpose: This can be considered a toner or essence, its milky and soft consistency provides deep hydration and strengthens the skin barrier. Some say this can be used in place of a moisturiser too.

My review:

I love this product so much! The consistency is creamy and rich, it helps keep my skin feel and look hydrated too. I would not use it as a moisturiser as I feel it does not provide the same secure feeling as a moisturiser does. This product has been a holy grail for many and sells out very fast.

Moving onto serums:

COSRX Advanced Snail Radiance Essence

Price: £28 currently, I brought this for £22.40

Size: 80ml

Purpose: This dual essence provides elasticity and radiance to the skin. It helps dull skin tones and does not have a sticky formula.

My review: I have previously written in another blog; that one of my favourite products is snail mucin; it helped me build up my completely broken skin barrier and smoothed out my skin and bumpy texture. This product is snail mucin mixed with niacinamide. It did not deliver the results I thought it would. It is also quite pricey for the amount of product it contains. I have read other reviews and the majority are happy with the results, maybe it's time for me to stop with snail mucin as I have used around 6 bottles so far. The consistency is rich and I am sure if you are building up your skin barrier this will help a lot.

Beauty of Joseon Glow serum

Price: £14.00

Size: 30ml

Purpose: For acne-prone skin, this serum includes all the ingredients to help calm and heal irritated skin. It also helps skin look plump and healthy.

My review: It may be a little pricey for the amount, but after using the product I realised it does not run out as quickly as I thought it would. It has a very rich consistency where two drops are enough and sometimes too much. I did not see much of a change in radiance on my skin. It did help my skin look healthy though and this was noticeable too. I would not repurchase this as the target skin this product is aimed towards is not my skin type currently.

(Look how cute Luna looks!)

DR Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

Price: £30.00

Size: 50ml

Purpose: This moisturiser provides immediate deep moisturisation and strengthens the skin. Ideally targeted towards dry skin.

My review:

My favourite moisturiser ever. Although I do have mostly oily skin, this is the only product which does its job and makes my skin feel secure and moisturised. Sometimes it's too moisturising and makes me look very oily.

A pea-sized amount will go a long way and lock in moisture. It is quite pricy for only 50ml so I only really buy it when I can, I am yet to discover a more affordable and less oily option.

DR JART+ Cicapair Tiger Grass re.pair Cream

Price: £36.00

Size: 50ml

Purpose: This cream calms, moisturises and repairs the skin, it effectively helps the skin and helps dryness and repairs environmental aggressors, irritation and blemishes.

My review: This moisturiser really didn't help and suit my skin type at all. Although I was aware that it is not suited towards combination/oily skin, I wanted to trial this I really like the ceramide cream.

When I would use this moisturiser my t-zone areas would become very oily and agitated. I should have not interfered with this product as it is designed solely for dryness.

NEOGEN Dermalogy Protection Airy Sunscreen

Price: £25.00

Size: 50ml

Purpose: A very lightweight formula that leaves no white cast and dries very quickly, this non-greasy formula will help protect your skin from UV lights.

My review: The price for this product is a massive rip-off. The consistency is very lightweight and feels very cool on the skin, however, I disagree with it not leaving a white cast as it did on me; not too bothering though. I also feel like it does become greasy if a larger amount is used.

I would not recommend this, although it was a very good product and feels soft and light on the skin the price is skyrocketing.

Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun+ Probiotics SPF 50+

Price: £16.00

Size: 50ml

Purpose: This chemical sunscreen has been going viral on TikTok, it should be for all skin types and should leave no white cast.

My review: It has a reasonable price and very nice packaging. It does its job in being a good sunscreen however, it does leave a slight white cast on my skin tone and makes my skin oiler sometimes. Not the best sunscreen but not bad either 50/50.

Thank you for reading skincare queens <3


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