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Reviewing TikTok- influenced purchases

Most items I use in day-to-day life is usually because someone on TikTok recommended it or was wearing it. This addiction has led me through a spiral of buying a ton of products; some I regret buying and some have been a complete game changer.

Here is my review on a couple of the items:

1) The ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution.


I dreamt of buying truckloads of this product as people were reviewing this as the sole reason their hyperpigmentation was fading under a short period of time.

Although I consistently used this product for over a year there was not much difference with my acne scars and hyperpigmentation (the main concern aha and bha's target.) Due to being new to the skincare game I ignored my skin burn and tingle during and after the application.

This ruined my skin barrier and I would not even recommend this whether your skin can withstand the product or not.


2) Elf-Camo concealer

I've mentioned this before in my concealer review blog but its a no for me on this product. The product itself is not irritating but it dries out very quickly and does not fit well for yellow undertones.


3) NYX butter glosses.

Shades: Spiked toffee, Cinnamon roll and Butterscotch.

These glosses are everywhere and they deserve the hype, 10/10 the best glosses for brown girls. They compliment yellow undertones so well! I would buy the whole collection if I could.


4) THE INKEY LIST : Brighten-i Eye-cream.

1/10 a very irritating cream, which would make my under-eyes feel very itchy. I stopped using it after 3 uses.

5) THE INKEY LIST: Kaolin clay mask.


Ok so this products main aim is to remove skin impurities and absorb excess oil. When trialing this product on my skin, my skin barrier seemed very dehydrated after use. Although it did get rid of impurities it was far too harsh on my skin.


6) KIKO MILANO lipglosses

Shades: 22 and 21.

A Kiko kiosk opened up in our local shopping centre and it was the biggest distraction one could face whilst walking past. I love trying out new lipglosses and I have seen the number 21 lippie look stunning on several people.

A solid 10/10 stays on well and the 22 has a slight shimmer which makes it great for asian weddings and events.


7) Huda beauty setting powder

Shade: Blondie

Despite my critical review on the Huda Beauty foundation, I knew I had to get this setting powder as majority of brown girls and those with yellow undertones have rated this product very highly. Despite the fact the setting powder is scented, (which can cause reactions and sensitivity in some cases), it works so well on me! The flawless finish after is definitely worth the £29.

8) Palmers natural vitamin E body oil and Palmers coconut oil body lotion

100/10. The best duo for moisturising your body after a shower. I originally saw this on showertok and there are some accounts which promote using a good ten products after showering. I personally stick with a tight budget and am not bothered to go further than three products. I first lather myself in the coconut body lotion which smells amazing and feels so good on the skin. Then layer the oil on top of the lotion. In cases where I have freshly waxed I usually just oil and I can smell the products constantly and it makes me feel so fresh and clean.


9) The Ordinary- Niacinamide 10% serum

So this serum should be able to tackle large pores, uneven skin tone and fix blemishes. The product itself was too harsh on my skin and although I carried on using it up until a timeframe where I should have noticed any changes; there was not any.


10) Maybelline sky-high mascara

The hype around this mascara was phenomenal and in-store this mascara was shortly called the Tik-Tok viral mascara. I did not manage to find the hype behind it. My other mascaras worked much better, with much more volume.


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