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Looking for Career & Internship Opportunities? Road To Masters will lead the way.

It’s that time of the year when you will be out there looking for scholarships, and internships - you may be wondering, where do you find these opportunities? And how do you apply to them?

Finding the opportunity that best fits a student is one of the most significant decisions of one's life. And most of the time information is scattered around different sites; making it difficult to search for specific details.

This is why JCI TBS was created as the platform wants to help you by creating the Road to Masters.

Road to Masters is a user-friendly and organised platform created in 2022, it aims to help university students find golden opportunities to pursue their master's degrees in the Business field, land a great internship or apply to an interesting competition locally and internationally.

With Road to Masters, you can easily find the details about every Master's program including its application requirements and deadlines.

It provides you with the most accurate and reliable information so that you won't have to spend too much time doing your own research from different sources from all over the net. You can also benefit from other students' past experiences and advice through their recorded videos shared on the website.

Internships and competitions are good venues to prepare students like you for professional growth and success by easing the transition from university to the workforce through skills development, work-related experiences, and professional connections,

Road to Masters will not only be the road to your Master's degree, but it will also help you find the most suitable internships and competitions for you to climb your own career ladder.

Good luck with your education journey!


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