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Kashmir: The Limitless Possibilities (Part 2)

Hello Peeps, It’s now time for the second part of the Kashmir (India) travel blog, I am inviting all of you guys on the journey with me. Leggo!!

I started my day with Kashmiri kahwa and aloo paratha. Yes, I had the best aloo paratha in Srinagar while gazing at the sunrise. We then left for Sonmarg. It took us 2.5 hours to reach Sonmarg from Srinagar. Feeling the cool breeze falling against my face and my hair felt serene on the way.

Local Kashmiri beverage- Kashmiri Kahwa

The road towards the valley is full of mountains with little bits of snow. The valley totally won my heart. Sonmarg means,” Meadow Of Gold '' The valley is home to a picturesque location in the union territory. The thajjar glacier was the perfect combination of greenery, mountains, and snow. The perfect combination of the glacier and dense forest is Sonmarg.

As we reached, we horse rode towards the snow-capped mountain. The name of my horse was, “Badal'' it was my first experience on a horse for a long distance. during the hour journey, the horsemen were narrating local stories and their journeys; I got to learn so much about taking care of horses and local Kashmiri stories. It felt like a dream.

Having heard that India is incredible; now was the time that I was witnessing it. My eyes decoded the entire Sonmarg as unbelievable. While horse riding, I witnessed the beauty of the snow-capped mountains with clouds floating around them like a beautiful crown. Thereafter, the local tourist guide told us about the diet of horses. After reaching the top of the snow-capped mountain we decided to have Maggi noodles, tea, and coffee. In the frosty weather, the taste was unreal!

We also saw some people selling Kashmiri shawls, kurtis, and kaftans. The designs purely depicted works of art and the vendors were very friendly and kind. There was lots of friendly banter going on whilst shopping.

Then was the time to rise up in the snow and climb the range to witness the place. I felt fatigued whilst climbing since the mountain had layers of snow on it and I had to ask our guide to help me out, he was kind enough to do so and after a while, we decided to stop for pictures. I just sat down and the view was easy on the eyes. I could have sat there for hours without feeling bored.

The biggest question was how was I going to descend? Our tour guide came up with a sledge and told me to sit on it; initially, I was sceptical but gave it a shot. And within a minute ZOOM, I was already at the place where we started from and I was already missing the snow. Then we took a ride to a couple of beautiful lakes; mainly Vishansar lake and baltal valley. We took a cab ride back to Srinagar and I left a piece of my heart safe in the snow-capped mountains. On our way back we decided to visit Chashma Shahi but since It was already 7 pm we weren't allowed to do so. We then decided to explore Srinagar’s local market.

I found the best walnut wood craft boxes, Kashmiri bookmarks, Kashmiri shawls, and suits. I did shop a lot and then went back to our houseboat in a Shikara ride, The sun had set down, and we could see all houseboats like twinkling stars in the Dal lake. After eating local Kashmiri cuisine I had the Khajoor halwa and it was heavenly.I was a little disheartened because it was our last day on a houseboat and the next day I had to bid adieu to the lovely home away from home because it is true saying 'HOME IS WHERE HEART IS'.

Just a few suggestions:

  1. Always carry a little umbrella as it may rain anytime

  2. Wear warm clothes

  3. Don’t be scared of horses, eventually, you’ll develop a friendship with them.

  4. Don’t forget to rent snow boots.

  5. If you are planning to stay in Sonmarg then one night is enough.

I hope you enjoyed the Virtual tour of Sonmarg, See you in the next blog.

Until next time, Adios Amigos


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