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7 Must-Visit Spots during your Travels in Dublin city, Ireland

Hey! (Dia duit) I’m Lauren. I’m a 22-year-old girl from Dublin, Ireland. I figured discussing my hometown for my very first blog article would be interesting. I'm lucky to live in Ireland's capital. Dublin has a lot of personality and fun things to do. Every street in the city has something going on. The Irish are very sociable people. We place value our friends and family. We enjoy having conversations at bars, dressing up for parties, and randomly running across old friends (because it's a tiny city, this occurs frequently). For couples and groups of friends, this culture makes for the ideal vacation destination. So I'll be mentioning seven places around Dublin that you must see when travelling in this.

Trinity College

You would be mistaken if you assumed that the first location on my list would be a bar. Although there are many of fun things to do before going to the bar, Irish people certainly love to drink. Dublin is a walking city; ditch your bus ticket, ignore the taxi drivers, and take a stroll to get the finest view of the area.I want you to start by walking to Trinity College. It's a little obvious and quite touristic, but it's well worth a try and popular for a reason. You and your buddies can take some adorable pictures of its beautiful architecture.

Most likely, Trinity College is the ideal place to begin your tour of Dublin. It is the oldest university in Ireland, having been established in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, and is situated in the centre of the nation's capital. It is also incredibly rich in history.

Trinity's collection of priceless artefacts is renowned across the world. These include a permanent display of the Book of Kells, a collection of the Books of Durrow and Armagh, and an old Irish harp from the ninth century. These manuscripts date back to 800 AD and are chock full of gorgeous illustrations. However, because of its popularity, you'll need to make a reservation for this in order to avoid waiting in line and long waits.

Trinity College -

2. Grafton Street

Walk up to Grafton Street while you're still outside and surrounded by stores, cafés, and bars (hopefully without any rain). A short distance is Trinity College. This is the busiest shopping area in Dublin. Buskers, high-end stores, and Harry's on the Green, a charming bar restaurant that is worth visiting especially for the charming outdoor dining area alone.

Grafton Street -

3. Stephen's Green

You'll need to pass through Stephen's Green as you move through the southern part of the city. If you've been reading the list up to this point, you know that this enormous park is located just across the street from Grafton Street. This park is great for meet-ups with friends and picnic-style dates because it's close to places where you can get takeout and alcoholic beverages. It also has a lake full of swans, a gazebo, and a bridge. Even on a cloudy day, it is beautiful.

Stephen's Green -

4. Kildare Street

Kildare street is not far from Grafton street. There are several museums in this city that are definitely worth seeing. Ireland frequently offers free admission to its museums, making it an enjoyable and inexpensive way to spend time in the city. Along the same stretch of road are Ireland's national library, national museum of archaeology, and national gallery.

Kildare Street -

You and your friends deserve a breather after all that walking around, at lengthy end! To end the day, you might wish to stop by a nearby bar. Pubs are plentiful, and going into one at random one in the middle of the city will almost always lead to a positive experience, so I've saved them for last. Here are some of my friends' and family's favourite restaurants, though, if you want some recommendations.

5. The Long Hall Pub

The lengthy hall is my top suggestion. It is situated on Georges Street. Although it has an old-man vibe, stepping inside reveals a pretty adorable titty bar. For decades, my family has enjoyed drinking here, and both locals and visitors were always made to feel welcome. If you want to sample an excellent pint of Guinness, visit this bar.

The Long Hall Pub -

6. The Palace Bar

Dubliners will tell you that Temple bar is a tourist trap, the drink is overpriced and there’s not much culture to be found here. However, there is one pub in Temple Bar that the locals will frequent and so should you. The Palace Bar is right at the top of Fleet Street. The pub dates back to 1823 and has some gorgeous stained-glass windows and a snug you’ll be fighting over.

The Palace Bar -

7. The MVP

If you’re looking for a more modern Dublin pub experience, then I’d suggest MVP. This is a dog-friendly pub and a must for animal lovers. Dubliners love their dogs. You can meet their pets or just an animal watch with your pint. The Pub serves beers on tap, and good cocktails and often there are indie film screenings, live DJs and bring-your-own-vinyl nights. Overall a fun night for you and your besties or your other half.

The MVP -

Thanks for having a read! I hope this post will help inspire some of you to make the trip to our little emerald isle! Save this post for the next time you’re planning an adventure through Europe! Ireland is a place that you won’t regret visiting.


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