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New Discovery: Tea Culture of the World

So I've started this series of 'New Discovery' blog posts, just because I've been exposed to such amazing products recently.

Today I want to write about this Tea Company, that I came across on a Facebook / Instagram advertisement - Tea Culture of the World. Like I always do when I see something interesting, I binge bought their products - 4 boxes of tea to be exact. (Not that binge buying is something to be proud of!)

And what a great discovery this brand has been! They even sent me a sample box with different teas to try. Very generous of them and great marketing too - I'm definitely going to pick those up in my next haul. How is one teabag of a mix you enjoy, ever enough for a regular tea drinker like me.

One of things I absolutely love about buying teas - is trying the mixes / brews /infusions that the tea master puts together. It's just an insight into the creator and how they relate to certain emotions and feelings.

Here is my review / description of each of the teas I've tried from Tea Culture of The World. I'll leave the sample box trial out of this. I'll maybe write another blog on that, once I've rebought the ones I enjoyed. So here goes -

An Invitation to Sweet Sleep

Tea Culture Of The World _ Sweet Sleep

An infusion that has Hops flower in it? Yes!! It's a super tea to brew just before you hit the sack at night. A classic Chamomile with tonnes of good stuff added to it. The brew / tea master most certainly deserves a shout out for this infusion!

P.S. For all of you who are familiar with the Typhoo Night Time Tea, this is nothing like it! But go with an open mind, and you are definitely to fall in a deep-deep slumber. One I'm sure you deserve after a long days work.

Ingredients on the Box: Chamomile, Hops Flower, Lavender, Oats Straw, Natural Lavender Flavour 1%.

An Invitation to Easy Digest

Tea Culture Of The World _ Easy Digest

This is a super all day tea for those days that you feel a bit queasy - this is the tea to help you through. The fragrance of fennel and the flavor of licorice really does come through beautifully. It's a cosy tummy tea that you sign up for, with the added bonus of a relaxing mind. A must have and must carry (few when you travel) tea bag infusions indeed.

Ingredients/Mix on the Box: Green Tea Leaves, Ginger, Lemon Peal, Peppermint, Licorice Flakes, Fennel Seeds, Natural Mint Flavour 2%.

An Invitation to Flowery Bouquet

Tea Culture Of The World _ Flowery Bouquet

For all of you that enjoy floral scented teas - it's for you! The rose comes through like nothing else you've ever tasted before. What I enjoy doing - is brewing the cup of tea, taking the tea bag out after about a few minutes and then letting it cool down. Add a few ice cubes - what a refreshing drink it makes! Do let me know if you try it out, in the comments down below. It's a quirky idea but if I can say myself - A brilliant one!

Ingredients/Mix on the Box: Green Tea Leaves, Licorice, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Natural Rose Flavour 2%.

An Invitation to Stress Reliever

Tea Culture Of The World _ Stress Reliever

This is my top-of-the-list, go-to tea! The one I keep at my desk when working and the one I sip on during a read-a-book break - it is the concoction of the times! The one we could all use in these ever-so changing quarantine times.

I never thought I'd enjoy sage in a tea, but oh my my! When you take the teabag out of the individual packet, do shake it a bit at the kitchen sink since there can be a bit of fall-through. Then hurry up and dunk it into your cup of hot water and you are set!

Ingredients on the Box: Chamomile Flowers, Lavender, Sage, Natural Honey Flavour 2%

There are tonnes of other infusions to try on their website, that would almost delight almost any tea drinker. Ranging from Loose Leaf to a variety of Tea Bag options. You can check out their spread on .

And for all of you who enjoyed this week's New Discovery, you can check out last weeks new discovery blogpost here. P.S. It rhymes with shickle!

Here's hoping you enjoyed this content and that this blog helped you explore something 'new' that is in a very old form of peaceful expression. Writing & Tea Brewing.


I've tried my best to include links to products. If you would like more content such as this, please subscribe to the mailing list on and subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more visual content. Much Love, Ayesha.

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