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New Discovery: Pickle Shickle - Amazing Jams, Oils and Homemade Pickles

Quarantine has been a time of new discoveries for me. From being exposed to countless Youtube videos, to cooking new recipes at home, to trying new food delivery services and to countless-pointless hours spent browsing through social media. (My excuse is - saying it's my business to be online: check my Marketing Consultancy firm on )

However, through all of that browsing - there was this Facebook Ad for mutton pickle on my screen. And all I could think of was Opal Hotel, Kolapur - for those who have tried it, you know what I'm talking about. Now, since this Lockdown isn't going to get me to Kolapur, Maharashtra. I thought let's give this a try and that's all I thought it would be - an alternative. How wrong could I have been?

From binge browsing through their website and picking up almost every Non-Veg item they had within their online store - I was on a spree to try everything. And I did!

From the moment it was delivered, to the following week when the jars I bought were completely empty - I just couldn't get enough of their homemade pickles. There came a point in the week to follow, where my thoughts turned to - how am I ever going to have a meal without their pickles on the side.

So I did what any sane person would, I went to the contact section of the website and found the phone number! With the silent hope that they would send me larger jars that would last longer and would possibly limit my time waiting for their next delivery. And oh my, they deliver and more! Larger jars were just what my 'tummy' had ordered! And so the tale had begun... reorder and some more reorders.

With the lovely people running the company and bringing to the world age-old family recipes - this was new discovery / holy moly brand that definitely deserved a shoutout! Kudos gals, your killing it!

So here goes, my not-so silent take on their products; umm my yummy products ;)

Ghost Busters - Mutton Pickle

Chunky, yummy goodness in a jar - is how I would describe it! Goes perfectly on the side with curd and rice, dal and chawal and is perfectly good eaten just with rotis or chapatis - like it's a vegetable in itself. A must buy for all those who love pickle, and never quite find one that just reminds you of GrandMa's cooking in a jar.

Suarly - Pork Pickle

Ohhh yaaaaas! This is it... the pickle of pickles! Just the right amount of meat, and the right amount of masala. Works as a great side with everything; absolutely everything! For those of you would do not enjoy pork - check out their website: they have chicken pickle too! Pork or Not Pork - their products are worth the shelf space in your already packed fridge - that's a lot coming from me!

Wake'N'Bacon - Jam

Perfect for breakfast, or that evening snack - goes amazing well with some crunchy toast in the morning with a side of eggs and even goes super well with chicken-liver pate in the evening, with a board of cheese and olives.

Shrimply Burm-Ease Chilli Oil

Shrimply is my kitchen staple - I add it to almost anything that is missing that pizazz! I add it to dry boring noodles or rice and even add it to stir fry vegetables! Open the jar, mix it up - get the right amount of the shrimp bits and oil on your spoon and add it to the frying pan. And then repeat that again and again - until you need to order more for the fear of running out!

This was a super special piece to write, I imagined the food while writing it... I got to go and get me something to eat now! Here's asking you to go out and try their stuff for yourself... take my word for it, you'll love it!

And for all you Vegetarians out there. They have stuff for you too - check out their website:

P.S. Don't you just love the fun, pun-y names !

P.P.S. And along the way, if like me - you hunt down their phone number to get larger deliveries and the website is just not enough for you anymore ~ please don't forget to give them my love.


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