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Cats are affectionate, inquisitive, mischievous, and incredibly intelligent animals. These fur babies are wonderful companions and bring joy to your heart. Throughout the lockdown In 2020, I adopted a female cat and fell in love with her; now, in 2022, I have eight cats and have fostered many more. Countless cat owners abandoned their cats due to financial issues during the pandemic, and stray cats were not fed due to the curfew. My family and I worked hard to protect, feed, and foster as many cats as we could. I love my cats and wouldn't have it any other way. Take a look at my cat family over the years!

Misty (Sassy) Female

Misty is my first adopted female cat, who came into our household on May 5, 2020, as a two-month-old kitten and will be two years old this year. Misty is our favourite girl and almost like a second daughter to my parents; she is highly protective of our home and her personal space; as a kitten, she was quite mischievous; she liked to chase after us and would almost never leave us alone; Misty is also a proud mom of five. One thing she has going for her is that she is a very clean cat. She won't eat or poop if her litter box isn't clean or if she isn't clean herself. Misty does have a minor anger issue and does not enjoy it when we have company around or when there are other cats around her, but she is still a gem to us.

Moo (Fun Loving) Female

Moo was a pregnant cat in our neighbourhood who came to our house frequently for cuddles and food. During the lockdown, she came over twice a day to eat and spend time with us. Moo was a friendly cat, but she was an outdoor cat, so she disliked being indoors and took a long time to acclimate. Moo and her two newly born babies, Kiki (Male) and Coco (Female), arrived on our doorstep a few days later, and that's when we realised Moo was comfortable enough to stay around in our yard and confident enough to let her babies grow up within the surroundings. Moo stayed with us for the following six months before deciding to go to another part of the neighborhood with her son Kiki. A year after they moved out, they paid us a visit and were as healthy, chirpy, and cheerful as ever.

Kiki (Affectionate) Male

Kiki is a ball of warmth who enjoys spending time with us and curling up in a ball on my lap. He is a real mama's boy who follows Moo everywhere and enjoys hunting for insects and playing ball with his sister Coco. He used to gently put his paw on my face to pet me as well and would not mind the unlimited kisses and cuddles.

Coco (Risk Taker) Female

Coco, like her brother, liked the outdoors and spent time exploring the fields around our house. She was also a fearless girl who would go on escapades for a day and then return for food and playtime with her family. She once disappeared for a week and returned pregnant right before her appointment; we took it as a sign, and she gave birth to Oreo in her first litter and baby Bagheera in her second. Coco now has her own adventures and returns home every other day to eat and see her children; we are always delighted to see Coco and spend time with her before her next adventure, and we are grateful she does and are thrilled she takes chances because she is bold and safe.

Chintu (Fighter) Male

Chintu was a one-month-old abandoned kitten found on the side of the road by my father and brought home. Chintu means (Small) in Hindi, therefore that's how he got his name. He was helpless and despised, yet he was fighting for his life. We aided in his foster care for a month since we couldn't adopt him, but he stole my heart. He sat on my shoulder and we cuddled, played ball, and played with a string. After a month, we found him a forever home, where he is now settled in and getting along with the other pets. Nothing made me happier knowing that he'd found a forever home.

Chintu when he arrived

Chintu In his forever home

Jaanu (Darling) Male

Jaanu means "darling" in Hindi, and that is precisely how I would characterise Jaanu's personality: he is a loving cat who loves his food, his mother (Misty), his siblings, the sun, and is a spoiled baby. Jaanu is crazy for food and will run from miles away if he hears a food packet being opened.

He greets us on a regular basis to sit on my lap and receive his pet rubs and treats. Jaanu is a true sweetheart who gets along with other cats. Our original plan was to place Januu and his three siblings up for adoption, but we fell in love with them and adopted them, along with their mother Misty, as our resident kitties.

Cola (Adventurous) Male

Cola enjoys climbing on high surfaces and trees, where he may sit for hours staring down at the view. He has unmatched energy and is constantly on the zoomies. Cola enjoys wrestling with his siblings and chasing after any moving item. He, like Jannu, is a foodie, and the two really like bingeing on treats. Cola is my father's favourite, and he, too, adores my father; they spend a lot of time together playing.

Pepper (Good Girl) Female

We call Pepper the talking cat because she always comes to us and meows full sentences. Sometimes we figure out what she wants or what she is asking us to do based on her behaviour, but she is a good girl she communicates all the time, gives us high fives, gets along with other cats and humans loves playing games and absolutely is a fan of our projector and other electronic devices. She too has the cutest little spot on her nose like her mother Misty.

Oreo (Scaredy Cat) Male

Oreo is the epitome of a scaredy cat; he is terrified of everything. He values his personal space and only accepts rubs once in a blue moon, despite that he is an excellent outdoors cat who has learned every trick in the book. Oreo and Bagheera's mother Coco frequently goes on adventures, leaving them to look after each other.

Bagheera (Miracle) Male

Bagheera was our miracle kitten since he was the only one of his litter to survive when he was born. We did everything we could to help him grow healthy, and Oreo and Coco created a bubble of love, warmth, and security around him, which has helped him get better now, in 2022. Bagheera is the naughtiest and most bubbly kitten ever. He gets along with all the other cats, plays catch, and has grown to adore Oreo as his mother since he has been his support system, to the point that he breastfeeds off Oreo despite the fact that Oreo is a male cat and cannot breastfed.

These are some of the cats whose journeys I have personally been a part of and seen them evolve. Down below are many such cats and kittens that have been adopted by others, released, and unfortunately passed away.

A humble request would be to not abandon your pet, to spay and vaccinate them so that we can curb the overpopulation of cats and they no longer have to fend for a home, love, and food. In the future, I wish to help, foster, and adopt many more cats and kittens, as well as establish a foundation that supports their welfare some day. Currently In my garden, I am constructing a large cat house for all of the fur babies we have and will have in our home. In the long run, a cat can be your soul guardian, your best friend, and someone that purrs their way into your life.


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