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What does my cat mean?

Cats are beautiful yet complex creatures. Everything they do means something. This blog will include some of the different meanings of their actions.

Here is my cat Luna and I will use her to demonstrate what cats mean through their actions.

1) Loafing/ in a loaf position

Cats sit in a loaf position to stay warm and save energy. Their hunts and zoomies at night require all the energy they can save.

Generally, it is an indicator that your cat is content and comfortable however at rare times it could be your cat is poorly or hiding an injured paw.

2) Sitting in the sun.

Cats enjoy sitting in the sun as it is a way for them to store energy, they can use this later for their own fun activities like hunting.

Cats also like humans use the sun to gain vitamin D, that's so cool right. The vitamin d stays on their fur which they digest when they groom themselves.

When cats fall asleep they experience a slight drop in body temperature, to regain this they may go lay or nap in the sunlight.

3) Foward ears

This means your cat is feeling playful or relaxed.

Another site does mention it is just a natural position for a cat, nothing too interesting and anything to ponder over.

4) Sitting in high areas

A common reason for sitting in higher places is so cats can protect themselves and have an aerial view of their surroundings. Cats want to know what is going on around them and any potential dangers.

Cats are also natural predators and it is engrained in their instincts to look out for potential prey, and there is no better way to spot prey without sitting in a secure high place.

5) Sleeping with the belly exposed.

If a cat exposes their belly to you that means you are someone really trusted; who gives them comfort and contentment.

Showing their belly is a major sign of their vulnerability as their stomach is a target where they can get hurt easily and it takes time to get into their 'survival mode' position.

6) Sleeping with their face covered.

By curling up into a ball position and covering their face, cats retain body heat, especially for their face and nose. Alongside being comfortable they may be protecting themselves or hiding from excess light or a noisy environment. Reminder to keep a calm and quiet area so your cat can nap peacefully.

7) Yawning

It is a bit obvious just like humans cats yawn either when tired or after waking up from a nap.

However, there are other theoretical reasons why your cat may yawn at you.

One reason many say is cats show they are feeling at ease when they yawn at their owner.

Another reason suggests that it is a way for your cat to ask for attention.

If your cat is yawning too often and for no logical reason it may be a risk of jaw injury, and it would be best to visit the vet.

8) Airplane ears.

When cats have their ears in an aeroplane position it is a clear indicator of uneasiness and uncertainty. This is a sign for you to give your cat some space as they are blocking out any loud noises around them due to feeling anxious. As we were taking luna to the vet she was most definitely blocking out the large lorry sounds and feeling very scared.

9) Snuggling

In the video above is a kitten that was abandoned near my house and left all alone in a wet cardboard box; it was heartbreaking. The little baby had been living in the harsh winter; in wet conditions for several months. After I rescued him and gave him a shower and lots of food he would not let go of me. He followed me everywhere and latched onto me and stared at me with so much happiness. On his first night, I made sure to keep my room nice and warm and when he realised he was going to sleep in the warmth he jumped all over my bed with happiness and stayed awake the whole night licking my face and snuggling into my shoulder.

He then continued to snuggle me at all chances he got; the main reason cats do snuggle is for warmth which Leo deserves for the rest of his life. But another reason could be for safety and protection, and this makes me so happy and grateful and bawl at the same time. I hope I was able to provide him with the best protection.


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Urvashi Palyekar
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