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Typically, the menstrual cycle lasts five to six days or more. It begins in adolescence, usually between the ages of thirteen and fourteen.

In the days and weeks leading up to your period, you may notice emotional and physical changes. This is the main topic we are going to discuss.

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  1. On the first day, you may feel pain in the pelvis, back, hips and abdomen. The pain develops under the navel and goes towards the hips and back. The severity of spasms varies from woman to woman, from mild pain in some to severe, even vomiting in others. Other symptoms include loose stools, headache, and dizziness. Personally speaking, apart from loose stools and vomiting, all this describes my condition during this period.

  2. On the second day, you may feel a little depressed, get annoyed by trifles, or become very sensitive. Personally speaking, I have become an apathetic person and this lasts until the end of my period.

  3. On the third day, headaches and other symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting may disappear. However, other symptoms may appear in the form of skin irritations or breakouts.

  4. On the fourth day, lethargy, apathy and acne may be prominent.

  5. On the fifth day, nothing changed. Symptoms stay the same.

  6. On the sixth and seventh days, all symptoms steadily leave your body and head.

To ease your period here are some advices for you girls. First, eat some sweets and delicious bars if your body wants it.

Personally, as a sugar-free person, I consume Agusha products: (juice and puree) On period days it will be good to eat only healthy foods.

I have been eating healthy for two years and that is why, I am recommending such an amazing information to my readers.

Second and third: I would recommend you have a gentle massage with cream or oil for your abdomen.

Likewise, do some exercises on your pelvis to get rid of pain in your stomach. That would definitely assist you.

Then, as usual, you should drink plenty of water and get thirty minutes of sleep during lunch.

What can you do to cheer yourself up?

- Do gentle exercises!

- Drink more water! - Take a hot shower! - Reduce your stress level! - Be positive! - Watch funny movies or videos on social media to cheer yourself up - Walking and talking with friends! - And finally, balanced sleep!

The period bloat – it’s a common symptom you can experience before and during your period, making you feel like you’ve gained weight or have a tight and swollen abdomen.

-by experts

Do not panic at all girls! Instead of worrying, try to drink as much water as possible. Everything will be fine before and after menstruation. You are powerful! I want you to spend your days with joy and happiness, no matter what happens.

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