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A friend is someone who cares about you. Likewise, those who really support and will be with you in your life even in difficult times. Who are always with you in your bright and heartening times, without any envy and comparison.


Who believes in your future.
Who took your past.
Who is with you in your present.
-by unknown 

Friendship also presents the inner strength of a person; their qualities. And often this is what becomes an indicator as the person reveals themselves. Personally, I had a lot of toxic relationships with my friends in the past when I was younger. That is why today I decided to write a blog on this topic to explain what friendship is and how friendship can be built.

The most essential part of friendship — respecting each other's opinions and not ignoring or neglecting them — is the key to any healthy relationship. The next thing is to be honest with friends.

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In general, we have three types of friends.

1) Old friends.

These are friends you know from school, university, work, or you met in any other similar way.

It is worth noting here that such a friendship is when you have a lot of joint memories. Sometimes it happens that you are very attached to these relationships that you cannot move away from them.

Then you hope that this friendship will bring you amusement, but this no longer brings you happiness, since you already have other interests.

2) Light Friends

This type of friend has two groups that may seem very distinctive, but in fact, turn out to be quite close to each other.

With them, you all like to spend time rejoicing and relaxing, since you do not have deep topics that you could discuss together.

Yes, they are considered your friends. However, you keep each other at a distance and this friendship is considered more external.

3) Friends for Growth These are the friends you imagine with simpleness and cheer in your future.

This category of friends is more for discussing various ideas and projects, and most importantly, you have similar amusing views in many ways.

With these types of friends, you mostly spend your free time sharing your thoughts and plans for your future. Since you have the same interests, you are more likely to feel closer to each other.

(@plumsunsset on Instagram)

An unshakable friendship does not need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.

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