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In my opinion, love is a wonderful luminous feeling that allows us to experience happiness, joy, pleasure, warmth, as well as caring for others and many more pleasant bright feelings. When we are interested in relationships, feelings significantly increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Here are the hidden signals that mean the other person feels something about you:

Trust in another

Caring for Feelings

Amazing compliments

Eye contact

We want to be loved, and we need warmth and understanding. As for women , we often need love in order to feel safe next to our man.

(@plumsunsset on Instagram)

However, in a relationship, you may face some hidden problems if you are too attached to your partner.

Maybe you are insecure, you are bored with yourself, or you feel the need for approval from others. With all this, building unshakable relationships is quite difficult: not necessarily romantic. It will always seem to you that you have not received something; you have been underestimated or not noticed at all.

It needs to be dealt with, and preferably, taken seriously. In any case, the requirement of increased attention to one person is already a reason to think. Take care of yourself in a healthy way.

Start working on your personal qualities, engage in activities that are beneficial for the mind and body, and distract yourself from disturbing thoughts that you are not loved.

(@plumsunsset on Instagram)

A girl who has known and learned to love herself begins to live in the world in a completely different way. The one who has accepted and loved her loneliness, turning it into pleasure, makes comprehensively diverse choices in life.

She takes care of herself:


Mind Soul Spirit

-Everything she does, she does only for herself.

So, my precious girls, take care of yourself. Your environment can also influence you, so be careful when you choose. Every time you choose people, you will choose yourself.

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