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How to build a makeup collection for beginners

Perhaps you want to experiment with your looks or you recently developed an interest in makeup or you have a little sister, brother, daughter, son, niece, nephew, or friend who is just starting out with makeup. This can be a tricky task when you are trying to choose makeup products and you really don't have any idea where to start from, which products are essentials and which are not essentials. You may be wondering "Do I need contour, is it must have?","What is a highlighter, which highlighter should I buy? "How do I find the right shade of foundation for me?"

Here is my guide to building a makeup collection for beginners!

1. Choose the right shade of foundation for you

Most Brands have foundation in three categories: light, medium and dark. Some brands also sell foundations according to undertones: warm, neutral and cool. It's easy to find the right foundation shade with the help of the undertones category. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can mess up your whole look. There are three forms of foundation: cream, liquid and powder.

Cream foundation gives the highest coverage. It's best for normal and dry skin. Liquid foundation gives normal to medium coverage. It's good for all skin types and it is the easiest one to apply. So for beginners, it is good to start with a liquid foundation. And lastly, powder foundation; gives light coverage. Those who have dry skin should avoid using powder foundation. Powder foundation is good for oily skin. To start with you can have more than one form of foundation. For using foundation you can use a beauty blender or brush and fingers also work. However, for beginners, I will suggest a beauty blender or sponge.

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2. Concealer to hide all imperfections

Concealer is similar to foundation but it's thicker than foundation. Concealer is used to hide dark circles, blemishes, dark spots or any kind of imperfection of the skin. Concealer is used on top of foundation. It's a must-have in anyone's makeup collection. There are four forms of concealer: liquid, cream, balm and stick. Balm and stick concealers have more coverage compared to cream and liquid concealers. So, if you need more coverage go for balm or stick concealers and if you need less coverage go for cream or liquid concealers.

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3. Make your eyes more beautiful

Enhancing the beauty of your eyes is an unskippable part of your makeup routine. For eyes, you need an eyeshadow palette with your eye colour, eyeliner, brow kit and mascara. These three things are a must for your eye makeup. Eyeshadow makes your eyes look larger and brighter and you can also match your eyeshadow with your outfits. Now there are different colours of eyeliners available. However black and brown are considered the most classic eyeliner colours. You can have liquid or pencil forms of eyeliners. Though pencil eyeliners are easier to apply. Like eyeliners black is the most classic colour for mascara as well, also you can find the different colours of mascara in the market to have a more dramatic look.

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4. Cheeks need to glow

Adding some colour to your cheeks is important. You can use blush to bring that colour to your cheeks. For beginners it is best to use cream blush, you can put it on your face by using your fingertips. My personal favourite part of makeup is highlighter. Though I have to say highlighter is not a necessary thing. If you love that glow in your face after using a highlighter, then go for it and make highlighter your must-have makeup product.

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5. Lips

Lip liner and lipstick are necessary to make your lips look beautiful. For beginners, they can go for nude lipstick and bright colours. Dark colours for the special night outs. Moreover, it depends on you, if you feel more confident in dark colour then go for it. Always remember you do you.

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6. Tools to have

Beginning with a large eyeshadow brush set. There are sets with 8, 12 and 20 brushes. As a beginner, you can go for 8 or 12 brushes' set. It can be very confusing in the beginning but with time you will get used to it.

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