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Five Free Apps To Boost Your Productivity In 2022

The year 2022 has arrived! Do you feel ready to start working towards your goals? Here are the top five free productivity apps you can use to minimize procrastination and keep things on track.

Productivity is something that everyone strives for, it gives us a sense of fulfilment unlike anything else. The satisfaction that comes from crossing one thing off your to-do list, completing a task ahead of schedule, and successfully completing a variety of projects makes the day complete. Whatever your goal is, the more productive you are, the faster you can accomplish it and the more satisfied you will feel when you achieve it. A good way to start is by tracking and measuring your productivity with mobile apps.

Picture credit: Twitter @Habitty1
Picture credit: Twitter @Habitty1

Habits are the foundation of productivity because daily steps lead to big achievements over time.

"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become". James Clear

Habitty enables you to accomplish your long-term goals by helping you establish and maintain healthy habits. It has:

  • Easy and clear interface.

  • Detailed graphs and statistics to observe how habits have changed over time.

  • Individualized reminders for every habit at a certain time.

  • Advanced algorithm for determining the strength of habits.

Among the best to-do list apps available, Todoist is one that can be used on all devices, tracks your productivity, and allows you to organize and analyze your life.

Picture credit:
Picture credit:
  • Free accounts allow you to manage 80 projects and work with 5 people per project.

  • Easily add tasks, subtasks, and sections.

  • The app automatically syncs all tasks and notes across all devices even in offline mode.

  • Integration with tools such as Dropbox and Outlook.

  • Gmail integration: converting emails into tasks.

  • Templates are available.

  • Automatic and Location-based reminders.

  • Recurring Task feature for any repeating due dates.

Picture credit:
Picture credit:

Do not let new ideas slip by and make sure they are captured. Try taking them along the way with the help of Evernote. It allows you to:

  • Save content (notes, documents, photos, links, and articles).

  • Quickly search for notes.

  • Make sketches and synchronize them.

  • Set reminders.

  • Bookmark webpages.

  • Share files for collaboration.

It is essential to understand how you spend your time if you want to be the most productive version of yourself. By using RescueTime, you will receive insight into how you are spending time on the devices without having to start or stop timers. It is an app you install on your computer and mobile device that automatically monitors your apps and files, as well as the websites you visit. On a five-step scale, RescueTime labels your time spent on devices as productive or distracting based on the data it collects.

Picture credit:
Picture credit:
  • Only the user can see his data.

  • Possible to turn RescueTime off or not have it tracking during certain hours and days.

  • The user can specify what apps or sites he doesn't want RescueTime to track.

  • Several types of reports are provided, such as time spent in different categories, productivity, or goals achieved.

  • Retain the focus on work by blocking access to distracting websites.

  • Available dashboard to track progress towards the goals.

Here comes the most versatile software (and my favourite one) on the list - Notion. This tool is useful for taking notes, managing tasks, managing workflows, and more.

Example of using Notion as a team. Picture credit:
Example of using Notion as a team. Picture credit:

Key features:

  • An entire life can be tracked with a fully customizable database.

  • Useful for Project Management.

  • Pages and blocks are unlimited.

  • File uploads are also unlimited.

  • The free plan is generous.

  • Templates are available.

  • Creation of pages within pages.

  • Creation of tables and databases.

  • Available reference to data from other pages.

  • Easy to use Drag and Drop function.

  • Synchronization of the data between devices.


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