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How we can help our polluted earth.

The climate situation is continuously declining; the world is being overused for the excess needs of humans and as a result, the world is tiring out and natural disasters are occurring, ice caps are melting and pollution is increasing. Climate change is a serious issue that needs to be worked on, our future depends on the actions we take now. Due to the severity of the situation, we cannot stop the process of climate change but reduce its causes. Every little action we do counts and I will name a few things I do and maybe you can implement too to help the world.

Stop fast fashion

It's hard for those who earn less and come from low-income households to buy from high prices ethical brands. Sometimes brands like Shein and PLT are our only options. I'm addressing those who seasonal shop and dump out hundreds of clothes every few months. Support ethical brands and go to thrift stores and charity shops instead. You can visit the blogs right towards the bottom and read more on ethical brands where you can shop from.

The picture on the left is a recent photograph taken of the Chilean desert where fast fashion clothes have been dumped; making the poor residents suffer for something they didn't contribute to. Not only does fast fashion most often support child labour but it gives companies the opportunity to produce an extreme excess amount of products which is not necessary by any means.

Take public transport or opt to take a bicycle

To help the staggeringly high numbers of pollution in the air we can help by taking public transport or even better get fit and healthy by cycling everywhere. Carbon dioxide and excess gas emissions from cars are the cause behind 28-9% of global warming. Also taking the bus etc will help save money on road tax and on cars overall.

Fuel efficient and electric cars are something to look into as well.

Join climate change activist groups

To feel more included regarding the issue there are many groups dedicated to climate change out there which you can join and help make a difference with; whether that's through protesting or raising awareness on social media. Every little push towards improvement is a step closer to helping save the world.

The climate change coalition is a great example of a charity trying its best to raise awareness and include young kids in marches and rallies to help raise concern over the issue. They are inclusive to all types of people from all backgrounds and religions.


The infamous slogan; by this I mean; buy tote bags and reuse them for your school, university or work life. Reuse your bags made out of fabric for grocery shopping and avoid using plastic bags. If you do end up using plastic bags reuse them instead of getting more. Even if you think your action is very minor it makes a difference. Use Tupperware and environment-friendly utensils etc. Keep a glass water bottle or a strong plastic one so you do not buy a new plastic bottle of water every time you go out, you are saving money and helping the environment.

Volunteer for cleanups

A rewarding way for you is to physically take part in the situation and volunteer for your community or local cleanups. It boosts community spirit and you are helping the world by starting in your own home area first.

Save water and save electricity

Turn off all appliance switches when not in use and I mean all. Take your electric radiator plug out. Unplug your lamp, LED lights, toaster, kettle you name it. Saving water is also easy; to stay mindful and conscious of how much water you are using. Do you have extra water left from drinking water? go water your plant with it. Shower within a certain time limit and avoid excess usage.

These simple practices and characteristics will help save you money, stay mindful of waste and help slow down the process of climate change. Help spread the news to others and remind each other to reuse items and stop littering, only then can we see a big change.


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