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3 Sustainable Clothing Brands To Purchase From.

Some clothing brands that are sustainable are more comfortable and better looking than brands that are not and are basically fast fashion. So why not shop from sustainable brands? In this blog, I will be talking about 3 sustainable brands that are totally worth the purchase.

1) Girlfriend collective.


I am starting out with my favourite brand. Being a big fan of athleisure and activewear in general, girlfriend collective stood out to me due to its high quality. Girlfriend collective was founded by married couple duo Ellie and Quang in 2015.

When I first purchased girlfriend collective I did not know that it was an ethical and sustainable brand. I read about the brand after my first purchase and was astonished by the fact that girlfriend collective produces beautiful yet sustainable activewear. Also not only is their activewear eco friendly, but their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Girlfriend Collective is a brand that chooses the earth. Every single part of their process is ethical, from raw materials to their facilities. Each pair of leggings that the Girlfriend collective produces is made from post-consumer recycled water bottles collected and sourced in Taiwan. Girlfriend collective is considered a transparent brand and aims in the near future to make their production process even more eco-friendly!

2) House of Sunny


House of Sunny is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Sunny Williams in 2011. If you like bohemian high-end chic clothing, then this East - London brand is for you. This brand is filled with playful motifs and is inspired by the Y2K trend.

House of Sunny sells all its clothing based on its pieces being "seasonless" This means that instead of dropping new collections throughout the year, seasonless fashion does away with the idea of an ongoing cycle of spring/ summer and autumn/ winter lines. This way rather than dropping new collections when we enter a new season, their clothes can be worn all year round. Hence, allowing more time to source ethical fabrics. House of sunny releases just two seasonal collections a year, avoiding the trend of endless drops.

Moreover, the brand uses vegan leather and minimises its fabric wastage. The denim used in the brand is washed using e-flow technology which limits the amount of water consumed in the production. Not only is this brand sustainable, but also affordable to its unique and aesthetic designs.

3) Pangaia


With so many Hollywood stars and celebrities wearing Pangaia such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Kourtney Kardashian; many of you have probably heard of Pangaia, but let me tell you, it does not get more comfortable than Pangaia.

For each Pangaia product purchased, one tree is planted. I first spotted Pangaia in Selfridges in a pop-up interactive installation and its pop of colours is what called my attention. Pangaia uses bio-based fibres and materials such as Seaweed Fiber, organic cotton, and natural dyes.

"Pan" means all-inclusive and "Gaia" means Mother Earth. Pangaia is a team made of scientists, designers, thinkers, and creators, and this team ensures that every part of the supply chain is ethical. Pangaia is definitely a different and bespoke brand and after having purchased two different sets, I would say I would not go wrong with a third one. This innovative yet sustainable brand is definitely worth the purchase.


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