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My Best Designer Purchases

After noticing that I wear some specific designer purchases more than other of my designer purchases, I decided to take a shot and share my favourite designer purchases from over the years which I have collected. This blog might give you inspiration for your next designer purchase.

1) Chanel Cruise 220 Sport Tail Sneakers

I purchased these pair of Chanel sport sneakers this year after wanting them for so long and they were definitely a HIT. I have always wanted a pair of Chanel Sport sneakers and these white coloured sneakers go with just about any outfit you would like to wear. They come in white, beige, and black. But I chose to purchase them In white and they go with anything.

These shoes are full of detail and give the Chanel vibe! This was definitely a worth it purchase for me. Did I also mention that they are very comfortable?!

2) JW Anderson Women's Chain Loafer Sliders

I came to JW Anderson the first time this year. JW Anderson is a brand that stood out to me due to the fact that it is unique as it can be. It is a British brand and this is my first purchase from JW Anderson; however, after this purchase, I am sure I can not wait to have my second purchase from JW Anderson.

These slides went pretty much famous around the world (before I knew it.) They are leather with a 100% cork sole. I got used to them more than I thought I would. They are very comfortable and yet they give out this slightly edgy look. Stylish and comfortable at the same time. Some might think that these are for more summer days, however, there is a winter loafer made with just the same style.

3) YSL Loulou Puffer Small Quilted Leather Should Bag

This bag feels like a pillow literally. Of course, I have heard of YSL plenty of times before and always wanted to make a purchase from YSL. However, I have not made a purchase before until this bag. While walking in Selfridges in London, this bag had my attention like no other bag. At that time, it was the new collection and I just stopped and gazed at it.

This army green leather bag from YSL was worn plenty of times by myself and it is still in the same condition as when I have brought it. It fits all my daily essentials and gives me this chic feeling. Although I am usually a fan of smaller bags, I just love this bag so much.

4) Mini Lady Dior Bag in Opaline Gray

Last but not least.... coming to this small Lady Dior bag in the colour opaline grey. Lady Dior is Dior's iconic bag and stands out from the rest. The Lady Dior bag has been around since 1995 and I knew that I could not go wrong with such a timeless piece!

This bag is the definition of elegance and I love its sleek design. I was torn about which colour to get this bag in and it definitely was not an easy decision. However, I chose this opaline grey colour and I love this colour so so much.


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