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Men's 2020: Perfume Collection

As I set out to explore the world of scents for this year, I was pulled in towards a Versace Eros or even a Gucci Guilty. As time slowed down with Covid-19 and refused to move at the pace we were all used to, I gravitated towards...

Men's 2020: Perfume Collection - An Ayesha Joshi Product

Something same, yet different or even different yet same... I'll let you decide. Here is my collection of Perfumes for 2020 and what my option about them.

1.Versace Eros

Inspired by Greek mythology, Eros the God of Passion - is an absolute stand out in a range of minty perfumes. Vanilla comes through as its main accord. Eros leaves a long lingering scent and makes for a perfect night time - let's party - let's dance the night away fragrance.

What a statement the bottle makes as well - turquoise colored glass with the head of medusa on the body and on the top. If you are a collector of beauty, you cannot miss out on this one. Way to fancy up the night stand!

Note from the Brand: What does Versace Eros Smell like?

Top note: Mint leaf, Italian lemon and green apple

Middle note: Tonka beans, amber, germanium flower and vanilla

Base note: Cedar wood from Atlas and Virginia, vetiver and oak moss

Buy your Versace Eros here, click click spray spray:

2.Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty Intense without any doubt lives up to its name, by being provocative and strong! Very hard to pass by and stay unnoticed in a party or at a work place with this classic perfume. Guilty as charged indeed! Makes for a great all year round perfume, and moves seamlessly from a being a day scent to a night time fragrance.

Notes from the Brand: What does Gucci Guilty Smell like?

Top note: Flavorsome coriander, lavender and fresh Amladi lemon

Middle note: African orange flower and neroli

Base note: Patchouli, Virginia cedar and amber

Pick up your own Gucci Guilty here:

3.Hugo Boss The Scent

Honestly I'm not a big fan of Hugo Boss perfumes, as they have stronger base notes than others. However, since this bottle was a gift - I thought I'd give it a go! And to my surprise, Hugo Boss 'The Scent' for men strikes a balance between a sensual fragrance and strong masculinity. Like me, you may end up loving it! P.S. She loves it on me too.

Notes from the Brand: What does Hugo Boss Scent smell like?

Top note: Aphrodisiac maninka fruit

Middle note: Rhum and passion fruit

Base note: Virile leather

Link to pick up your own Hugo Boss Scent, 50ml here:

4. Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme

One of my absolute favorites! Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) L'Homme simply put is a class apart. It brings me confidence and calm vibes with warm spicy notes. Light and fresh enough for the day (must be that bergamot and lemon) and lingers through like a warm under scent until you get home. A must have in your collection indeed!

Notes from the Brand: What does YSL l'homme smell like? Top note: Ginger, bergamot and lemon

Middle note: Spices, white pepper, basil and violet leaf

Base note: Tonka bean, Tahitian vetiver and cedar

Buy your YSL L'Homme here:

5.Issey Miyake L'eau Majeure D'issey

The essence of this perfume is citrus-y, wood-y complex and salty accords, which creates an aromatic magic that keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day, like an aquatic breeze on a summer day.

There aren't the right words to describe this fragrance by Issey Miyake - other than a refreshing thunder that you have to carry with you in your away bag. It is a scent to impress! Perfect for day or night, and will travel with you for a mile - reminding you that, you are wearing an Issey Miyake.

Note from the Brand:

Top note: Bergamot and grapefruit

Middle note: Salty sea wind

Base note: Velvety cashmeran notes

Buy Issey Miyake L'eau Majeure D'issey here:

6.Prada L'Homme

This one from Prada gives the vibe of new age perfume which has got its own powdery accord. If you want to try something new- unlike anything else, then this may be the one for you.

It is one of Prada's standards and is available almost everywhere - and yet, it's scent is noticeably different from all the L'homme 's out there in the market. It really does leave you feeling like good ol' leather - a scent (so different) you could pick it out of a crowd. A night time fragrance indeed and a great base perfume.

Please note, it isn't a scent for everyone! I would recommend you step into a store and get a whiff of this before you purchase it.

Note from the Brand:

Top note: Iris and amber

Base note: Leather, Patchouli and Tonka bean


AQVA has citrus-y notes that makes for a fresh and energetic vibe. Never a dull moment with this one on! (I'm not telling you the story just yet.)

A great scent for day or night - light yet packs a punch. And great for layering too! P.S. My girl loves a spray of this or two, says 'she is carrying me, with her, through the day.'

Notes from the Brand:

Top note: Mandarin, Orange and Petit Grain

Middle note: Santolina, Lavender, Cotton and Posidonia Sea Weed

Base note: Mineral Amber, Woody notes and Clary Sage

Pick up your Bulgaria Agua Eau de Toilette, 100ml here:

Bonus: Paco Rabanne Invictus

Invictus come through with its subtle citrus and marine notes, with a touch of jasmine and lingering patchouli. Invictus is fondly named as the 'Scent of Victory' - Voila! the bottle looks like a trophy.

It is a great fall - winter time perfume. Makes me feel like dressing up smart, wrapping that scarf around my neck, with a great jacket and going out on the town for drinks. Maybe it really is the scent of confidence and victory!

Notes from the Brand:

Top note: Fresh grapefruit and marine accords

Middle note: Aromatic bay leaf and Hedione Jasmine

Base note: Guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris

Link to pick up Invictus here:

Do let me know what you think, which is the fragrance that you gravitate towards?

Happy Woody Days ahead !

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