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Makeup from Swiss Beauty, perfect for this wedding season!

It's wedding season! Here in India October, November, December & January are considered the four crucial months of the wedding season.

Cover Picture
Cover Picture / Individual Swiss Beauty Product Picture Credit:

India is known for their big fat Indian weddings and the countless number of ceremonies within each wedding. To make this wedding season hassle-free for you I am listing down my top affordable picks from Swiss Beauty which will help you create those perfect Instagram worthy makeup looks and definitely put you on your A-game. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro at makeup Swiss Beauty is for everybody.

Swiss Beauty Liquid Concealer (229 INR)

 Shades of the Swiss Beauty Concealer
Shades of the Swiss Beauty Concealer / Picture Credit : IndiaMART

The Swiss Beauty liquid concealer is available in 6 shades which range from fair - to medium skin tones.

The shade range of this particular product is very limited and is definitely a disadvantage however the product itself is one of the best affordable concealers you can try. It is lightweight, waterproof, long-lasting, doesn't oxidise and has a semi-matte finish to it. You can use it traditionally as a concealer after applying your foundation or use it as an eyeshadow base.

- Ultra-Lightweight

- Waterproof

- Long Lasting

- Semi-matte

- Doesn't oxidise

- Affordable

- 5.6gm

Nykaa Rating- 4.1/5

Swiss Beauty Drop and Glow Liquid Highlighter ( 349 INR)

Shades of the Swiss Beauty Highlighter
Shades of the Swiss Beauty Highlighter / Picture Credit : IndiaMART

A wedding is incomplete without a glistening glow and this liquid highlighter just about gives you a glow that can be spotted form miles a-far. The Swiss Beauty drop and glow liquid highlighter is available in 6 shades that include pinkish, copper, gold , rose gold and brown tones. This highlighter gives you a very soft yet blinding glow for such an affordable price , it is easy to use as it comes with a dropper and you can control the amount of product you would like to use. The product blends well into your existing full face of makeup giving you a blinding glow that can definitely blind those aliens living on mars. You can use the product traditionally and highlight your cheekbones, nose bridge & cupids bow but you can also mix a few drop of the highlighter along with your foundation to give you a dewy-glow look.

- Lightweight

- Natural finish

- Well pigmented

- Blends easy

- Affordable

- 18ml

Nykaa Rating- 4.1/5

Swiss Beauty Intense Gel- Kajal (349 INR)

Colours of the Swiss Beauty Intense Gel
Colours of the Swiss Beauty Intense Gel - Kajal / Picture Credit:

A perfect affordable long lasting intense Kajal that is available in 10 shades ranging from your typical blacks and browns to whites , blues , sliver and gold to just create that perfect eye-catching eye look.

You can use the Kajal typically on the waterline of your eye or you can also use some of the fun colours like the electric blue to create a fun smokey eye. The Kajal itself is very easy to use and is made of gel liner which makes it easier and smooth gliding on the eye hence these pencils can also double as great eyeshadow sticks.

- Saturated formula

- Gel liner

- Smooth and Creamy

- Long wearing

- Fun colours

- Affordable

- 1.2g

Nykaa Rating- 4.4/5

Swiss Beauty Ultimate Shadows (249 INR)

Eyeshadow Palettes Swiss Beauty
Eyeshadow Palettes Swiss Beauty / Picture Credit: IndiaMART

A eyeshadow palette is always difficult to narrow down to in terms of selecting a colour palette, the right size, price point and colour pay off of the palette just have to be right. The Swiss Beauty ultimate shadows collection consists of 6 mini eyeshadow palettes with 9 shades in them the one I particularly like is Ultimate Shadow - 2 which consists of 9 shadows with neutral pinks and browns along with 2 shimmer shades that help add a pop of shimmer to the eye bringing the whole look together.

- Lightweight


- Long lasting

- Easy to blend

- Affordable

- 9 colours

- Two shimmers

Nykaa Rating- 4.1/5

Swiss Beauty Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow (229 INR)

Shades of Swiss Beauty Metallic Eyeshadows
Shades of Swiss Beauty Metallic Eyeshadows / Picture Credit: Snapdeal

To take your eyeshadow game a step further Swiss Beauty has the most affordable liquid metallic eyeshadow that is easy to use and super travel friendly. It Is available In 12 exciting metallic shades that are super long lasting and are quick drying which makes it perfect for effort less makeup looks and a last minute touch up.

-Long lasting

- Quick dry

- Affordable

-Buildable formula


Nykaa Rating- 4.3/5

Swiss Beauty 3D Studio Effect Eyelashes (99 INR)

Swiss Beauty 3D effect Lashes
Swiss Beauty 3D effect Lashes / Picture Credit:

If lightweight affordable quality lashes is something you were looking for the wait is over! Swiss Beauty 3D studio effect lashes are available in 21 different variants that range from natural lashes to full glam false lashes and are made of natural and synthetic fibres that can add volume and density to your lashes for extra glam. The pack contains 2 pairs of false lashes which can be reused 10 times with proper care and application. The false lashes are completely cruelty-free which makes it environmental friendly.




-Light weight

-Pack contains: Pair or 2 lashes

Nykaa Rating- 4.4/5

Swiss Beauty Liquid Pen Eyeliner (249 INR)

Swiss Beauty Liquid Eyeliner
Swiss Beauty Liquid Eyeliner / Picture Credit:

Say goodbye to Uneven wings because Swiss Beauty liquid pen eyeliner is sturdy and has a felt tip for easy and smooth application that will definitely make your wings as sharp as a knife and get your wing game to be on fleek. This liquid pen liner is available in the colour black and promises to not budge or smudge and can definitely help you create creative ans graphic eyeliner looks with ease.

-ultra-precise felt-tip for easy application



- Long lasting


Nykaa Rating 5/5

Swiss Beauty Hd Matte Lipstick (299 INR)

Swiss Beauty HD Matte Lipsticks
Swiss Beauty HD Matte Lipsticks / Picture Credit:

Get ready for soft comfortable matte lips! The Swiss Beauty Hd Matte Lipstick is available in a variety of 24 shades that look good on every skin tone , its highly pigmented and rich colour pay off & formula is exactly what you need! The lipstick glides on smoothly giving your lips the comfort it needs throughout the long events of the wedding season.

- Matte

- Long lasting colour pay off

- Affordable

- Effortless application

- Comfortable on the lips

- 24 different colours

- 3.5gm

Nykaa Rating 4.7/5

Swiss Beauty Professional Blusher (249 INR)

Swiss Beauty Blushes
Swiss Beauty Blushes / Picture Credit:

Blush that will make your cheeks pink and soft like a rose petal! The Swiss Beauty Professional Blusher is available in 6 different colours and has a light weight formula with a long lasting colour pay off. Its compact , easy to use and carry along.

- Powder Blush

- Light Weight

- Affordable

- Buildable

- Suitable for all skin types

- 4gm

Nykaa Rating 4.5/5

These makeup products from Swiss Beauty will make it easy for you to get through the wedding season if you are a bridesmaid, relative or even a guest attending a gala of weddings . You can purchase these items on, and

and create the most glowing, appealing and angelic Instagram worthy wedding looks that will leave your entourage stunned. Happy Shopping !


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