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Makeup Do's and Don'ts

So there are a few tips you can use when you do your makeup for it to look as flawless as possible and I will share them with you today! If you like doing your makeup the "don'ts" way, you don't need to change it, it's just a piece of advice!


Girl's face with minimal makeup

Let's start with a base first. A lot of people use the mistake of not using a moisturiser or primer first. It will help you smooth your skin before you put any foundation.

Another mistake people make is choosing the wrong foundation shade and applying too much of the product. So to find your right shade of foundation, first, you can figure out what your skin undertone is, (you can find out how to do it in my other blog and then get a few shades and try to match them to your neck (and not your face!!). Then the best way to apply foundation would be using a damp beauty blender, not using too much product and working from the middle to your face to the outside.

Another mistake people make is using too much concealer or using the wrong shade. Same as the foundationless is more! You're probably used to putting a "concealer triangle" under your eyes, but honestly, you don't need that much product. Put one dot under your inner corner of the eye and one under the outer corner. Also, the concealer should only be one shade lighter than your foundation, and the same shade if you want to cover up blemishes with it.

Don't use too much contour, blush or highlight! We all have seen influencers using a lot of that product but don't forget, makeup looks different on camera than in real life.


A girl putting on mascara

Some people make the mistake of not putting an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids before putting on eyeshadow or using concealer instead of an eye primer. The concealer has oils in it because it is meant for your face, hence putting it on your eyelids is a big mistake. Eyelids are really oily in general, so using an eyeshadow primer that has waxy consistency will make your eyeshadow pop and stay throughout the day!

The next mistake is using mascara that clumps your eyelashes and they look really thick and unappealing. If you want long eyelashes the best way is to use mascara primer beforehand instead of using multiple layers of mascara. You don't want to have spider lashes!!

Also when putting eyeshadow you should start with a tiny product and try to blend as much as you can instead of doing the opposite. Blended eyeshadow is always the way to go!

One more thing! EYEBROWS! Thick eyebrows became a trend quite recently and a lot of people quickly fell in love with them. One mistake that people make is using the wrong shade. Your eyebrows shouldn't be too dark and be a shade lighter than your roots. One more thing some people do is make them look really harsh, it shouldn't have any harsh lines. The best way to apply your eyebrow product is to draw a line at the bottom of the eyebrow and then with small strokes fill it in from outer end to inner. Afterwards, you can clean it up using concealer but don't use too much and use the wrote shade!!


Red lips

There are only a few don'ts when it comes to lips and the first of them are overlining your lips too much. Everyone wants to have bigger lips and don't want to spend money on the fillers but that doesn't mean that you should just overline them too much. If you do want to overline them, use a sharpened pencil; that is in the colour of your lipstick and only overline your cupid's bow. Otherwise, the will loo unnatural and people will see clearly the line that you have drawn.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips and will take this advice in the future. Don't forget - less is more and remember, makeup is supposed to accentuate your features but not change them!


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