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Home Centre: Well Priced Candles

We all love a beautiful smelling home, office and even bathroom. There is nothing quite like being complimented for a fresh scent running through your home when guests arrive. And that calming bath hour... hallelujah! However, over the years I've spent quite a bit on candles from brands like Bath & Body Works, Diptyque and several others - not that their home fragrances aren't absolutely fabulous, rather just a tad heavier on the pocket.

So here comes a not-so guilty spend on Candles from Home Centre. Priced so reasonably, you won't feel guilty lighting them all through the day.

Overall, I wouldn't compare Home Centre candles to the big brand candles (Diptyque, Joe Malone, White Company) out there - but if you are looking for a more affordable option, something that can burn away in a guest bathroom or one you just leave on to freshen up the house while cleaning up; then these are the candles for you!

The packaging is classic, fits in with almost any home decor and can add a bright pop of color too - depending on which fragrance you select.

So, here is my review on these Home Centre 299/- Candles. Yes yes, just Rs.299 each!

Click on the images below, if you would like to buy these Home Centre Candles on Amazon today.

1.Home Centre Colonial Jar Candle, Green Apple

For 299/-

A refreshing, clean scent not as fruity as you would expect - but certainly sweet smelling. Just the kind of room fragrance that you could leave burning away in your powder room.

Pick up your Green Apple Jar here:

2.Home Centre Colonial Jar Candle, Blueberry

For 299 /-

This is fruity (yyy) indeed... just the way I like it! It may not be for everyone's taste, but if you've ever enjoyed Body Shop's super fruity bath washes, creams or mists ( you know the ones I'm talking about), then you'll definitely appreciate and maybe even enjoy this candle in a jar.

Blueberry goodness can be yours here:

3.Home Centre Redolence Summer Sorbet Raspberry Pillar Candle

For 399/-

Fruity, but a lot more subtle that the Blueberry jar candle.

With this candle - I tried to mix it up a bit, moving from the jar format to a Pillar format. As you can see, still reasonably priced and would definitely brighten up those white candle stands you have lying around your house.

Pick up your Raspberry Sorbet Candle here:


Home Centre Colonial Jar Candle, Cranberry

For 299/-

Check it out on:


Home Centre Colonial Jar Candle, Lemon Grass

For 299/-

Check it out on:


Home Centre Colonial Jar Candle, Lotus & Peony

For 299/-

Check it out on:

To conclude: on your next trip to the mall - to buy linen, towels, home goodies etc; pick a Home Centre candle and give it a try. They may not have the longest burning time - but you won't regret it.

I've linked a few bonus candles as well, ones I haven't tried yet. So if you decide to try them out, do leave me a comment and give me the low down on my undiscovered/bonus jar?

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Please Note: I've tried my best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local Brand Stores. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from links placed in this blog.

Article written in October 2020, hence prices of products mentioned in the blogpost are accurate to the date but may have changed post this. Thank you.

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