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Free Websites for Language Learning

As we live in an increasingly interconnected world; being able to speak another language is a vital skill, that lets you engage more directly and meaningfully with the world. Knowing a second language allows us to become a part of a community with a different culture while also learning more about the globe. Online tools and websites can help you feel more connected in your studies. Including them in your language learning journey will keep you engaged and entertained. So, alongside traditional learning methods, try employing some interactive websites too!



Duolingo is a perfect choice for a wide range of learners with a wide range of needs. All language training provides useful skills. Each skill contains five levels, with level 0 being the most basic. Individual lessons will be included in these levels. Complete your Duolingo Skill Tree to learn basic vocabulary and grammar. By taking brief and easy quizzes, you'll go from basic words to abstract ideas. If you play every day, Duolingo keeps track of your learning streaks. Crowns are earned as you move through your lessons. When you master a skill that has five levels, you will receive five Crowns. Do you want to keep practicing that ability once you've reached level 5? You can then flex your muscle with that specific skill by tapping 'Practice.'



Memrise employs 'mems'; which are objects that aid in the formation of vivid mental associations between words and definitions. Mnemonics, cartoons, videos, photos are all examples of mems that help you make connections. Memrise will then ask you questions and put you through examinations in a variety of methods. They also use a technique known as "spaced repetition" to keep track of your progress. It works by giving you frequent easier exams when you first start learning new words and then giving you fewer, but harder assessments to test your long-term memory.



Lessons in Busuu contain three or four small lessons, each with the same theme and vocabulary. The first lesson introduces the vocabulary you'll use, while the second provides practise with them. The class concludes with a quiz or a written assignment.

This lesson approach creates a little unit in which you encounter new terms and immediately begin using them, ensuring that you do not forget them. The native speakers who edit the writing assignments assist you in significantly improving your comprehension.

MIT Global Languages


This website has a full range of global language courses available, with nine different languages and cultures to choose from. These classes not only cover the languages, but also the cultures. It is one of the most complete language education programs accessible online. It does involve a significant amount of effort, but it gives complete course materials and syllabi to ensure that you can learn at an MIT level. These lessons can be demanding, involving daily homework, audio programs, and a variety of study materials.


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