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2020 Christmas Gifting Ideas for HIM

Everyone knows gifting for Him is always the hardest thing to do - what do get Him that is thoughtful and yet Christmas appropriate, without breaking the bank too. It's not his birthday but it a special time of the year! And finally the X'mas tree does need presents under it with his name on it.

Christmas Gifting Ideas for Him _ An Ayesha Joshi Product

So I've done my bit of research, and present buying for Christmas this year - and here are my gifting ideas for your lover, spouse or boyfriend, your father and even your adorable but bully of a brother. They vary in price tags and I have listed them accordingly as well. So here goes - from least to most.

Under Rs.500 / 1000 (Under 7$ / 14$ US )

This is the best space to customize gifts for him - do a lot for a lot less. Who says smaller gifts can't be thoughtful as well! If you do wish to spend more of the main gift for him - you can always opt for this category of gifting as stalking-filters. Here are some wonderful creative gift ideas and brands that can help you out -

Photo Books are great way to throw back images of the entire year in one place. Starting at just Rs.299 in India. Go ahead and check their website out: (I am not paid to refer this.)

Here is another gifting custom Canvas Print options for all my friends based in Dubai, they have a variety of items of select from - which are sure to make great presents through out the year. Check them out: (I am not paid to refer this.)

And lastly, for all the book works out there - there is no better gift to give that a subscription to Audible or even a Kindle book ( you don't have to buy them a Kindle for it, any smart phone can be used to access the Kindle app.)

Audible Ad

Here is a book that I've been loving this December - it's now available in Paperback as well and filled with Poetry that will warm your heart this Christmas. Go ahead and pick one up for your friends and family - A book by Him - and hopefully for Him to enjoy as well. My reccomendation: Resurrection by Mark Rocha.

Between Rs.1000 and Rs. 3000 (Under 40$ US)

Grooming kits are a great way for them to think of you through out the year- with the added benefit that most kits come in gift boxes or really nice presentable boxes. This takes the hassle away of how to get present looking good for under the tree. Most brands have boxes especially designed for Xmas - so go ahead and ask them for those Christmas-y boxes and gift away.

Here are a few options for grooming kits, check them out by clicking on the image:

Here an earlier Blog Post on Forest Essential's Sandalwood & Orange Peel Range - hopefully this will help you better understand each product within the gift box.

Under Rs.5000 (70$ US)

Belts and Accessories make for great presents to - especially the classics. Gift the men in your life a classic brown or bold black belt this Christmas. Be it leather or pleather (vegan leather), be it a big buckle or just subtle chic one. It is definitely a great gift for Christmas!

Here are some options to inspire you - bold, loud or subtle: Click on the image to be directed to product page.

Above Rs.5000 (70$ US)

Perfumes are a great way to show the men in your life how special they are to you. It is also a great way for them to have a new fragrance that will remind them of the Christmas spirit all year round. Scent has that amazing ability to throw one right back into those moments of happiness and joy.

I've put perfumes under the Rs.5000 above category because most the big brands tend to have a higher price tag - but on the bright side, this gift of yours will run with them for at least the next year of few years to come. If you wondering how much, here is a link to a discounts on Perfumes running right now:

And if you are confused as to which one to gift your loved one, check out my 2020 Men's Perfume Collection blog post . It's quite a detailed blog post, and should help you choosing a perfume for him. Let me know how the fragrance shopping goes. Don't stress, enjoy the shopping experience!

And if you really want to go extravagant with your Christmas gifting - Watches are the way to go! Above the Rs.5000 mark, but what a gift it will make! An investment in a timepiece - now, that will most definitely be one that will stay with him for life.

To help you out, Amazon has some great sales going on that should give you major discounts on brands such as Fossil, Casio etc. Click the link to be directed to the Men's Watch Discount Page:

Hope this guide of gifting helps you and inspires you.

Much Love XX

Happy Shopping Folks! Happy Gifting too... And a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones this holiday season!

Please Note: I've tried my best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local brand stores. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from links placed in this blog.

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