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6 Comfy Body Shop Shower Products to Pamper Yourself during Corona.

These are tough times and what's a better way to rid yourself of the WFH fatigue, than a hot shower and some glorious shower products.

Take the time to pamper yourself during these times, here is a just some of the products I use to warm my soul during a hot shower at the end of a tough day. Hope these give you some glee time too.

1. Body Shop - Strawberry Softening Body Polish

A joy to shower with, and extremely luxe on your skin. I've been using this staple for years and I keep coming back to it - it doesn't help that I absolutely love the fruity smell of it. Exfoliates beautifully, just use a dollop or three and scrub gently. See the wonders.

And if you are a Body Shop strawberry buff like I am, check out my blog on the entire strawberry range from Body Shop.

For just this one: click here, to pick up your own Strawberry Body Polish:

2. Body Shop - Balkan Juniper Body Wash

This smells just divine!

A soothing - calming shower : Yaass please! This is an absolutely divine product - for all those of you who like a soft smelling shower wash, instead of the fruity ones, this is a great fit for you. Put some of it on your loofa and take a big whiff of the aroma it leaves on you and makes showers time all the more nourishing. It is a light gel for those of you that don't like the grains in an exfoliator.

Have some of your own calm, click here to buy your Balkan Juniper Body Wash:

3. Body Shop - Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel

Autumn Anyone? Halloween Yet?

Just when you think its not autumn yet, here's the dose of pumpkin your way! It has that nostalgic smell of delight and holidays and vanilla lattes all in one. A thick shower gel that is luxurious to use and smells like a good ol' holiday. Can anything get better?

4. Body Shop - Cactus Blossom Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub

Not fruits, Not super floral either! Its a beautiful balance. The entire gel base is grainy so it may not be everyone's cup of tea or tub of scrub. However, I love that it can really give you that scrub you need and leave a glistening look to your skin too. I use it on all the parts that I think that need that extra scrubbing, elbows, knees, feet... so get to the scrubbing yourself. Be warned, it is extremely grainy in texture!

5. Body Shop - Tea Tree Hand Wash

An extra through in, just cause it smells so 'clean'. The one of the amazing things about Tea Tree is how clean the fragrance is. Tea tree also has great any inflammatory properties which is a great product to keep in your bathroom. I may not always use it as a hand wash, as it comes handy more for those very special anti inflammatory properties and how gentle yet healing it can be for blemished skin.

If you feel weirded out by the idea of using hand wash on other parts of you, Body Shop has variants of Tea Tree in Body Washes and Face Exfoliators as well.

Here is a link toThe Body Shop's Cleaning Facial Wash instead:

Or The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash:

6. Body Shop - Drench Scrub

As Body Shop calls it ' An alternative to a Natural Sea Sponge'... Yes, indeed a more affordable and yet super alternative to just a standard loofa as well. When dry - it is hard as a rock. Soak in it your bath water and watch the texture come to life. Soft and a good scrub worthy product! I use with all the clear gel shower products I use. It really is a luxury in itself!

Body Shop can seem expensive at times, but everyone could use a little pamper time. So pick one that you like, or hell pick two... and spoil yourself to a hot shower. You deserve it!

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Please Note: I've tried by best to include links to products. You may be able to purchase the ones I couldn't link, at your local The Body Shop Store. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from links placed in this blog.

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