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An Ideal Night Routine

There are some days when we feel lethargic in the morning itself, We feel like going back to sleep and it initiates the feeling of emotional imbalance in the mindset of a productive person.

We feel highly energetic when our sleep is deep and relaxed, this certainly makes us realize that our nighttime routine is as important as the morning routine, In order to have deep and relaxed sleep one needs to follow a routine that signals our brain that it’s time to get relaxed.

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We get benefits from an activity or routine only if we follow it for a long period of time with consistency and discipline. Consistency and Discipline are two important factors that will make this routine an absolute success. Ending your day on a high note is a sense of fulfillment. So here’s an ideal and easy way to end your day

1. Check to-do list:

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We prepare a to-do list to keep track of our tasks, It helps us to divide our tasks on categorically on the basis of Important, Urgent, Both important, and urgent. It gives a crystal clear image of our tasks to be accomplished by the End of the day. It is duly advised to check if all the desired tasks are completed timely. Productivity and the time required to cover a task can be calculated if the to-do list is reviewed properly. Improvements should be made after checking and efforts should be taken to work on it.

2. Prepare next day's to-do list:

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Having a clear vision of the next day’s tasks to be completed vanishes the confusion, One shouldn’t begin the next day with resentment and uncertainty. It is important to arrange the tasks according to their level of urgency and plan accordingly, Well planned is half done. Setting deadlines and targets for goals provides motivation. It reduces stress levels and provides a sense of relief. Planning in advance keeps track of short-term goals, medium-term goals, and long-term goals creating a positive impact on life.

3. Unwind:

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The mobile phone emits blue light rays which send messages to the brain that it isn’t time to sleep and due to this sleep is deprived and leads to anxiety and depression, which can worsen mental health. A person who is sleep-deprived has low self-esteem. People who use excess social media suffer from sleep problems. One should resist the urge to check mobile phone an hour before bedtime, time should be given to our subconscious mind to slow down and consume very less unnecessary information.It is a difficult step but the results do wonder.


4. Read:

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One way to secrete melatonin and go into a relaxed state of sleep is to take a break from the screen and the most requisite way is to read. It releases tension and stress transforms the body into a relaxed state. We generally tend to overthink while we are falling asleep and reading breaks that cycle to a greater extent. Reading has the added benefit of improving cognitive ability and enhancing knowledge.

5. Drink Chamomile Tea

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Consuming chamomile tea before bed is tried and tested method, it has worked wonders for me. Dried chamomile flowers with a combination of honey and lemon are the perfect way to end the day. The best time to consume Chamomile tea is before going to bed as it plays the role of relaxing our nervous system. Having the ability to fight bacteria and chronic illness, is good for our immune system as well. Chamomile tea is known for having pain relief properties and also provides a lot of relaxation during menstrual cramps. It is best known for boosting our metabolism.

6. Meditation

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A relaxed and deep sleep requires peace of mind and meditation is best known for calming our minds. It unwinds all the doubts, regrets, and overthinking aspects, giving a break to negative thinking and sending out positive thoughts and affirmations to our subconscious mind for a night of better sleep. It is a wonderful way to reflect and self-analyze our goals at the end of the day and fuel our minds with motivation.

This 6 step night well-being routine takes less than an hour, I highly recommend everyone to follow it and embrace the positive change in one’s life. In order to conquer the next day and life, one must be prepared mentally and this routine is a foundation for it, In order to make the foundation strong one should at least practice this routine for 21 days continuously, shift it to 90 days, and then forever. It will be a big step in transforming our lives through discipline, consistency, and well-being.


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