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A Tale of Two Teas (Loose Leaf)

Teas have magical way of rejuvenating your senses whilst elevating your mood.

'A bath refreshes the body, tea refreshes the mind' ~ Japanese proverb

A tale of two teas - loose leaf - TWG

There are tens of thousands of types of teas, but these two are a must-try by TWG (The Wellness Group, Singapore).

White House Tea by TWG (White Tea)

White House tea - TWG - white tea

From the very first sip you take in the subtle floral and fruity notes. It smells like sunshine over a rose garden and tastes of sophistication, coated with a delicate lingering flavor of summer berries. Make a pot any time of day and sip on this magic potion - as it is going to leave you enchanted. The perfect blend, unquestionably a mood enhancer!

Moroccan Mint Tea by TWG (Green Tea)

Morrocan mint tea - TWG - green tea

A quick fix R&R in a teapot. The crispness of mint alongside a pure detoxifying flavor of green tea is a blend that will awaken calmness and relax your nerves. It exudes a refreshing tranquility across your body and mind. Best had after a meal or just before bedtime.

TIP: Pour water at 95 degrees Celsius while making these teas.

Here is a link to pick up your own and give it a try:

Get TEA-totaling away!

TWG Teas are a luxury! Then again, everyone could use a little pampering from time to time. So pick one that you like, or hell pick both... spoil yourself. They have several other teas that may suit you better. Go ahead... you deserve it! You can find your TWG Teas on

If you enjoy fruit infused teas, try out Geisha Blossom Tea by TWG. It is a tea blend of green tea and refreshing, ripe southern fruits:

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