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3 Must Watch Political Dramas on Netflix

Nothing is better than watching a political drama which is filled with suspense. We wouldn’t know if its a corrupted politician or a conspiracy theory watching some of these may remind you of real like gimmicks and political tactics. The best kind of political dramas get you hooked on as they are dark and addictive. We feel like we are living their story while watching these dramas.

Check out these must watch political dramas on Netflix.

1. Designed Survivor

If you haven't watched Designed Survivor a intense and dramatic film despite being a fan of political series I don’t know what you are up to!, First things first you will have to catch up with all the seasons. The plot of the story is that a lower cabinet member, Tom Kirkman who never imagined that something would happen to him the president of United States. After a devastating attack kills the President and most of the Cabinet members. Tom Kirkman then took over the presidency of United States for being the designated survivor. Kirkman struggles to get used to the power dynamic and to keep his country from harm and chaos.

Picture Credits: DEADLINE

2. Borgen Borgen is the houses of Denmark's three governing bodies- Parliament, Prime Minister's office and Supreme Court. The story of Borgen starts with the leader of Moderate party of Denmark, Birgitte Nyborg. With her excellent polices she wins a good number of seats in the parliament. She manage to get the majority and become the first female Prime Minister of Denmark, while non of her colleagues from other party didn't expect that and then the real politics begin.

Picture Credit: VirginMedia

3. House of Cards The lead role of House of Cards is Frank Underwood, a Democrat party appointed secretary of sates. Another important role in this story is Frank's wife, Claire Underwood. Both of them set out on a quest to seek revenge on the people who betrayed them. House of Cards is a series with 6 seasons. The first five seasons is marvelous. However according to the fan the last season is bit boring, as the character of Frank Underwood is not on the season six.

Picture Credit: Aceprensa

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, stay tuned for more.

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