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Two interesting facts which you might not know about. Let's check.

Thanks to @akaguglielmo and @arkviation

Why is the Great Wall of China the longest cemetery? ⁣

The Great Wall of China is the largest architectural monument ever built by human hands. Its total length (together with branches) is almost 9 thousand km (at the same time, some researchers argue that the length of the Great Wall of China actually exceeds 21 thousand km). The wall is 5 to 8 meters wide and about ten meters high. A huge number of people were involved in the construction: peasants, criminals, soldiers, the latter also protected the workers from the attacks of the nomads and made sure that the workers did not run away from the construction site.

Thanks to ZHENG XIN @diamant_momo

During the construction of the Wall of China, millions of people died due to illness, accidents, or other reasons, and they were buried within the walls of the Chinese Wall, which is why it is also called the Longest Cemetery in the World or the Wall of Tears.

Why are planes mostly painted white? ⁣

Thanks to Jakob Owens @jakobowens1

Surprisingly, white paint is lighter than all others, which is why most aircraft choose it. The weight savings allow you to use less fuel during the flight. Also, white reflects the sun's rays better. This ensures that the aircraft will not overheat. Scratches, cracks, and faults are easier to spot and repair on a white surface.

Now you understand that planes with bright colours or with inscriptions incur additional costs.

Some more amazing facts coming soon...


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