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5 places worth visiting in Turkey

Today we will talk about 5 visit-worthy places in Turkey.

Thanks to Meg-Jerrard

1) Istanbul will definitely be the first place to visit

Mysterious and majestic, noisy and fabulously beautiful, Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia, between the traditional East and the modern West. Throughout its rich history, he managed to change several names and visit the capital of four empires: Roman and Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin.

We will return to the historical places of Turkey later, and now let's talk about the small and fluffy owners of Istanbul.

Cat lovers keep calm because now it's going to be super cute.🙈

Thanks to Sahin-Sezer

Cats are everywhere in Istanbul. They can be seen on the streets, in parks, restaurants, museums, and even in shops. This is the same old landmark of the city as palaces, mosques, parks. Turkish domestic cat breeds are considered one of the oldest in the world. Istanbul cannot be imagined without these furry residents.

Thanks to Colours-of-Turkey

And how the cats eat on the streets. Bowls with food and water are always visible near bus stops, in squares, in parks, in yards. It is common for many Istanbul residents to shop and add food to the animals.

The inscription “Kedi Evi” on each house is translated from Turkish as “house for cats”. Residents of nearby houses are looking after them. There is always food and water near the house. They even bring toys.

Istanbul street animals have their own ambulance. This is the local government support service. They are approached with any problem regarding urban circulation, including whether she can be favored by animals. If you find a kitten or puppy on the street that has something happened (a broken paw or another problem), then call the service number 153 and call an ambulance. They come, take the animal, treat it FREE OF CHARGE and then return it to the place where it was taken. If it is a dog, it is returned or sent to a shelter.

A sculpture of a cat was installed in the Asian part of the city.

He became famous thanks to his lazy charisma Tombili - means "plump", "fat". The photo of Tombili sitting on the sidewalk and watching life around him quickly became popular on social media. Millions of views, many created "Internet memes" have made Tombili a star of the network and a famous cat in the world. He even had his own Facebook page. The cat was a favorite of locals and tourists. In 2016, Tombili died. Residents of the district have collected 17,000 signatures under a petition to create a monument to the famous cat.

2) Princes' islands

It is a group of nine islands. They are located near the coast of Istanbul in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

They got their name because of the reference to them during the Byzantine Empire of princes and people close to the emperors. One-day tours to the islands, which depart daily from Istanbul, are popular with tourists.

3) The ancient city of Troy

The city is located in the northwestern part of Anatolia. It is included in the UNESCO heritage list. But he is already very popular without it. Everyone has heard about Troy, but not everyone knows what the legendary city looks like from the pages of the Iliad. At the entrance to the city, there is a copy of the Trojan horse, there is also a museum, a garden, and the ruins of buildings, houses, temples.

4) Cappadocia

In the very heart of Turkey, there is a unique region rich in history and sights.

Thanks to Mehmet-Turgut

The first thing that surprises Cappadocia is its landscapes. Here you can see rocks in the shape of mushrooms and low mountains. There is also a real underground kingdom preserved here. The first Christians dug cave depressions here, creating cities underground. Their depth reached 85 meters, and up to 10 thousand people lived in them.

Thanks to Tolga-Ahmatler

5) The ancient city of Ephesus

Ephesus is a huge open-air museum. The history of the city began in the 5th century BC, and in the 15th it was destroyed.

Thanks to Hazel Aksoy

Archaeologists have restored it and prepared it for tourists. The main attraction of Ephesus is the Temple of Artemis - one of the seven wonders of the world. You can explore the city by entering from the upper or lower entrance, but it is more convenient to walk along the road leading from top to bottom

And how you can not visit these places after looking and reading about these beauties...


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