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Tips to make your Study Abroad application stand out

Strong admission applications are essential to a successful study abroad plan. Your application must take the lead from the thousands of other international students who apply to universities.

So how do you write an application that stands out?

The following tips will help you make sure your application impresses the admission officer and you land a place at the university of your choice.

Be familiar with the process

You must familiarize yourself with the application process, as well as the universities in your department that are available to you.

Do your research!

If you are interested in studying at a particular university, research it thoroughly to ensure it is a good match for you. On your application you will have to answer questions about modules you would like to take and accommodation options the host university has to offer. If you plan to study abroad, we want to see that you are sincere about your desire to do so, not just go to explore the country and hang out

Think about funding

Take advantage of any scholarships and funding opportunities available to you. You must think about things like visa and insurance costs so that you don't get caught off guard while you are away.

Think about the academics

Keep in mind that you will be studying abroad. You can take weekend trips, meet new friends from all over the world, and take advantage of several new opportunities, but ultimately you are there to study. You should choose modules that are relevant to your interests and be open to trying out new academic systems, teaching methods, and assessment methods.

List your preferences

You are asked to list four preferences on the application. Make sure you do this! Putting only one destination on your application won't increase your chances of studying there, it will decrease them.

Be open-minded

Be open to studying abroad and don't become too focused on just one destination, especially if you don't get your first choice.

Be honest

you need to be honest with yourself. You will be asked about the challenges you expect to encounter while away as part of the application. This isn’t a test! This is to demonstrate that you have thought about things like homesickness, and how you will overcome them while away.


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