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Tinap Saitar- An unexplored waterfall of Bangladesh

Bandarban is heaven on earth for anyone who loves trekking. To find this beauty of Bandarban you have to walk for miles on a starch. Tinap Saitar is one of many waterfalls located in a village called Ronin Para of Roangchhari union in Bandarban District, Bangladesh. To trek to Tinap Saitar you would have to walk nearly 40 kilometers.

Tinap Saitar was discovered recently by travellers. However, when you reach the place you will realize how magnificent the place is! It is the largest waterfall of Bangladesh. While traveling towards the Tinap Saitar, travellers have to walk through the beautiful Jhiripath which is one of the most interesting places you’ll come across while trekking. To visit this place travellers have to get permission from Bangladesh Army and Roangachhari Police station.

To get to this phenomenal place you have to get on a bus to Bandarban in Chander Gari (it’s local name) to Roangchhari. From there you have to walk for 22 kilometers to Roninpara using a local guide and make a pit stop in the night. The next morning you have to walk for another 18 kilometers to reach Tinap Saitar. In Roninpara you will find some residents of the village who offer you the facility of staying in their houses and provide you with food .However, don’t expect anything fancy and just live in the moment.

I visited this place with a few of my friends in 2018. We walked for a one long day, in the scorching heat from 10am to 6pm. We just survived with on our breakfast and some snacks. When we reached Roninpara, we had our first proper meal of the day. The food tasted heavenly .We stayed in a local resident's house who didn’t have electricity, so, don't forget to bring your power bank with you. During the trip we had the opportunity to taste some of their local food like bamboo curry which was my favourite. Don't get scared its not hard bamboo It's the tender part of the bamboo which is edible.

The people we came across in the village of Roninpara were very friendly and welcomed us with open arms. The monsoon season is the best for travellers to see the beauty of mighty Tinap Saitar. As the water level is high in monsoon it can be dangerous to visit. To avoid this kind of hazard travellers must ask permission from the army camp and take local guide with them.

I Hope you visit Tinap Saitar and have a magical experience like I did.

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